Josh Hopkins as Grayson, Courteney Cox as Jules Josh Hopkins as Grayson, Courteney Cox as Jules

Raise your Big Carls! The Cougar Town gang finally reconvenes after a way-too-long hiatus, and stars Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins are opening up about the standout comedy's delayed return, Grayson's season-premiere proposal... and whether a wedding is even in the cards.

TV Guide Magazine: You guys are finally back!
Cox: Yes!
Hopkins: It's been frustrating not knowing when we're going to be on, and not being able to answer fans who keep asking.

TV Guide Magazine: Were you aware of how vocal some fans and critics were about this long hiatus? 
Hopkins: In a time filled with frustration, to see the outpouring of love from critics and fans? That has kept us going day to day. Outrage that we haven't been on TV feels really good.

TV Guide Magazine: Coming back on Valentine's Day seems very appropriate.
Cox: So true. I think it's a good time.

TV Guide Magazine: So where does this marriage proposal come from?
Hopkins: In last year's finale, Jules and Grayson were having some problems. He wanted kids in the future, and she wasn't so sure. When we come back, some time has passed and she's agreed to consider it. And that is enough for him.

TV Guide Magazine: How does he pop the question?
Cox: She's asked at some point what her ideal scenario would be, and she says, "I have no idea"... then proceeds to rattle off everything she's ever wanted in an engagement. [Laughs] It's a really big moment for her because all of her wishes come true. At least Grayson's version of her dreams.

TV Guide Magazine: How does Grayson's proposal compare to Chandler's?
Hopkins: Chandler?
Cox: Oh, yeah, Josh doesn't know what Friends is. [Chandler] was someone I was engaged to before...
Hopkins: I don't understand.
Cox: I know. But I was on another show where I used to say "I know!" a lot. As for the proposal, I asked Chandler, so that one was really emotional. But this one is sweet and very heartfelt and really creative and fun.

TV Guide Magazine: Are these two really ready for marriage?
Cox: No. [Laughs]
Hopkins: Not at all! These are two pretty big narcissists together. So I don't know if they will ever be. But they are certainly in love.

TV Guide Magazine: And they make each other laugh.
Cox: They definitely entertain each other. He gets a kick out of her! What I find fascinating is that she isn't jealous at all. She can look at his past and all the women he slept with and see it for what it was. And that is so healthy. Jules is a lot cooler than I would be.
Hopkins: Even though a lot of what we do is absurd, we explore this relationship in a very adult way. And a part of it is when you're older, you don't get hung up on the same things you did when you were in your twenties.
Cox: Wait, do you know how old I am?
Hopkins: 23?
Cox: OK, good. [Laughs]

Cougar Town returns Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

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