American Idol hasn't been that full of shockers this season. Scott Savol's violent past? Not too surprising, from the looks of the guy. Bo Bice's drug past? Ditto. But the fact that Anthony Fedorov outlasted Constantine Maroulis on last week's American Idol? Now that one threw us for a loop!

How could Maroulis, the closest thing Idol's ever had to a Greek god — well, he

is Greek, at least — be sent home? To be fair, his Tuesday-night rendition of Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" wasn't his best performance to date. Still, Fox's crooning contest just won't be the same without Constantine's tongue-wagging and perfect pout. However, the 29-year-old tells he's not too devastated by his premature ouster.

"It is all beautiful," Maroulis says. "I think that there are so many factors that come into play with someone going home. I was confident in the song; I thought I did pretty good. I did my best. You can't be perfect every week.

"But listen," he continues. "I was just happy to even get this far. People know who I am when I walk down the street, and it is so cool. People are so touched by the show and they cling on to it. It is great to see how it affects people and how it moves them, especially with the reaction after [Wednesday] night. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing."

His laid-back attitude always came through in his famously flirty, make-love-to-the-camera performances. Was he ever nervous? "I think any artist who tells you that they don't get nervous is probably full of it," Maroulis replies with a laugh. "I take that nervous energy and apply it toward the work. I thrive on those pressure situations. I dig it. I love going out in front of a lot of people and just doing my thing. I try not to think about the awesomeness of the billions of people watching [Idol]. You've just got to serve the music and let the rest just happen."

And good things are happening for him. His rock band, Pray for the Soul of Betty, is getting their album released, so he has that to fall back on. Maroulis also looks forward to the Idol summer tour, where he plans to jam with "rival" rocker Bo Bice. "We're good buddies," he insists. "We're looking at doing some tunes together on the tour. We're really psyched. He's a great guy and I wish him and all of the rest of them the best."

Has Maroulis any theories as to why he was voted off instead of some less deserving coughScottcough contestants? "It is so unpredictable," he sighs. "People call and it is busy and they maybe give up." Pleading to the show's fans, he adds: "If you have a favorite, vote, vote, vote for them. Rock the vote and keep them on because they are all so deserving of [winning] and I'm going to miss them. We're going to rock this tour this summer."