Connie Britton made her exit from Nashville official Thursday night, with the tragic death of her character Rayna Jaymes. Britton will be seen in some form in next week's episode, which will revolve around Rayna's funeral. But now that her days in Music City are behind her, what's next for the actress?

Britton said that she left the show in part because she wanted to spend more time with her son, whom she adopted in 2011. She has not committed to a new TV role, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, she's signed on for a leading role in the upcoming Netflix film The Land of Steady Habits, an adaptation of Ted Thompson's novel, alongside Ben Mendeslsohn and Edie Falco.

But if Britton's looking to return to the small screen, we have a few suggestions about where her career path could take her next.

1. American Crime Story

Britton is a Ryan Murphy favorite, and appeared as Faye Resnick in Season 1 of his anthology series American Crime Story. She's indicated that she would be more than happy to collaborate with Murphy again, and with at least three additional seasons of American Crime Story in development, surely there's a part or two for her in there. For starters, we hear there's an opening for Donatella Versace...

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2. American Horror Story

Speaking of collaborations with Ryan Murphy... Though Britton hasn't been seen on American Horror Story since its initial Murder House season, the news that an upcoming season of Murphy's other anthology will be a crossover between Murder House and Coven provides the perfect opportunity for her to return to the franchise.

3. A Friday Night Lights Reunion

Perhaps the only person who could provide the necessary comfort for Britton fans after Rayna Jaymes' death would be Tami Taylor. Since Friday Night Lights went off the air in 2011, fans have been clamoring for a reunion, spurred in part by adorable social media posts from Britton and her FNL co-star/onscreen hubby Kyle Chandler. The stars of the show have repeatedly indicated that a reboot is incredibly unlikely, but we can still hope. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

4. Hair commercials

If she's looking for a quick money grab, Connie should know that we would buy literally any hair product she chooses to shill... Even if it was black tar. Have you seen those locks? They even have their own Twitter account.

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5. Ghost Rayna

Britton's departure from Nashville reportedly came because she simply wanted to move on as an artist, not because of any animosity with members of the cast or crew. And, in an interview with TVLine, Britton indicated that she's "totally open to whatever" in terms of returning to the show at some point down the road. While we cringe at the thought of Nashville incorporating a "ghost Rayna," some flashbacks could be OK — especially if they involve a duet with Deacon (Charles Esten).

6. Lauren Graham's pilot

Rayna's fate may have been inadvertently spoiled earlier this month, when reports surfaced that Britton was available for fall pilot season. According to Deadline, she's "one of the most sought-after female leads and already has been the subject of a lot of interest from the broadcast networks." If the actress is looking for some lighter fare, maybe there's a role for her on her BFF/former roommate Lauren Graham's recently-announced Fox comedy pilot, Linda From HR.

What do you think Britton's next move should be after Nashville?