Confession time: I totally get Sam's and Billie's overfed body issues forcing them to work out like superfreaks. Yeah, um tonight's pre-Watercooler fun consisted of 45 minutes on the Stairmaster to undo the cursed Krispy Kreme and five cookies that attacked me today. Thankfully, I didn't end up offending a cancer patient who can't keep weight on or blow my testes up to the size of a baby's head. Though for anyone who's ever battled the bulge the bad one, I mean the idea of running for hours and downing diuretic-laced lattes isn't so far out there. Is it funny? Not so much. Was this? Well, at times, maybe. I think. I was too busy figuring out the caloric content of grapes and Marlboro Lights to notice. Oh, plus the commercial for The Exorcism of Emily Rose may have just left me traumatized for life. Try me again next week. Or should I bother? You guys tell me.