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Chicago P.D.'s Shocking Finale Reveals Olinsky's Fate

Did he survive that jail stabbing?

Keisha Hatchett

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Chicago P.D.'s Season 5 finale titled "Homecoming." Read at your own risk.)

It's official: Chicago P.D.'s embattled Intelligence crew will have to move forward without one of their own. In a shocking turn of events at the top of the Season 5 finale, Olinksy (Elias Koteas) died after being stabbed by an inmate while in jail for a crime he didn't commit. The seasoned detective had been facing charges for Bingham's (Joseph Sikora) murder, a credit that actually belongs to Voight (Jason Beghe), and that false accusation ended up being a costly one.

The emotional hour saw Voight and the rest of the team barely hold it together as they worked to honor Olinsky's legacy by finding "the son of a b---h responsible for this," as Voight frankly put it. "When this is over, when we get this prick, then we'll mourn Al," he added.

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And while Woods (Mykelti Williamson) has made every effort to rain fire and fury on both Voight and Olinsky, he was not the man behind the brutal act. It turns out that a suspect in one of Olinksy's old cases wanted to avenge the death of his younger brother, which he blames Olinksy for. In true Voight fashion, Intelligence's fearless leader shot and killed the career criminal responsible for Olinsky's murder and then testified before a committee that he opened fire out of fear for his life.

However, that outright lie could come back to haunt him if officials believe the pair of witnesses who claim otherwise. Plus, it looks like Antonio (Jon Seda) isn't buying his story either and that could create some serious tension within the unit next season. (Note: Great news! NBC just renewed Chicago P.D. for Season 6.) On the plus side, Voight did bust Woods for bribing a witness -- thus bringing their bitter rivalry to an end -- so that's one less thing for him to worry about.

Though he managed to get away with Bingham's murder in the end, it looks like Olinsky's death will continue to weigh heavily on him. The heartbreaking finale ended with the distressed sergeant letting loose in an emotional outburst that included some drunken sobbing and angry wall-punching. "I'm sorry, Al," he whispered.

So uh... is Voight going to be okay?

​Elias Koteas, Chicago P.D.

Elias Koteas, Chicago P.D.

Parrish Lewis/NBC