This show never ceases to amaze me with its intensity, yet it's always able to make me laugh. Like tonight, I was so rooting for Danny Glover's character, Charles, and I wanted Pratt to finally forgive him. Especially after Pratt read the old letters his estranged father sent to his mother. But Pratt did have a valid point when he asked Charles why he hadn't tried to track him down after his mom died. Mekhi Phifer does such a phenomenal job, especially opposite Glover. (Phifer, by the way, gets to show off his funny side with his recurring role on Curb Your Enthusiasm.) As for tonight's laughs, Parminder Nagra gets funnier every week as Neela. Hearing her tell Ray that his girlfriend not only had an STD but was also only 14 just killed me. "She was born in 1990  as in the decade immediately preceding the one we're in." Love her. Also loving John Leguizamo. Clemente wheeling "robot doctor" Dubenko into the next room was great. Getting back to the intensity, the chimp story is rightfully going to make PETA very happy. How adorable that the chimp's mama was brought in to say good-bye. Last week, when they showed the coming attractions and Abby said "That's the ugliest baby I've ever seen!" and didn't reveal she was referring to a monkey, I thought it was very un-Abby-like, so now it makes more sense. Oh, Abby. Of course she was going to get chimp-attached  how could she not? Brilliant "monkey business" reference. And how horrible for Sam to be the one who had to fire Haleh. I was so glad Haleh brought up all the times she had to cover for Sam being late. Hopefully, this will convince Sam to get Haleh rehired. Cruella, I mean Eve, makes Kerry Weaver look like Snow White.  Dave Anderson

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