Elizabeth Reaser with Eric Winter Elizabeth Reaser with Eric Winter

While Elizabeth Reaser and her femme costars provide plenty of eye candy for passerby male viewers, The Ex List's most eye-catching calling card may come in the form of the fellas it trots out. Reaser gave TVGuide.com a sneak peek at the faces – some handsome, some cute, one who's McTreemy, and heck, maybe even one female – to cross paths again with Bella. Plus: What did the future hold for Grey's Anatomy's Alex and Ava, had Reaser not scored her own show? (CBS' The Ex List airs Fridays at 9 pm/ET.)

TVGuide.com: I must be honest, one knock that Bella already is taking is that for this series to survive, she will have to have dated quite a lot of guys….
Elizabeth Reaser:
I guess it's a relative term, in terms of what people mean by "a lot."

TVGuide.com: But to be clear, she hasn't necessarily slept with all of these guys. They just had a relationship of a degree. Correct?
Yeah. It could have been anything from a one-night stand to meeting them in kindergarten on the playground.

TVGuide.com: In the Israeli series this is based on, one of the past romantic interests was a woman. Might the U.S. version go down that road?
I hope so. There's definitely been talk of it. We've taken a lot from that series, and it's seen in specific storylines. If we do [a female ex], it wouldn't be as a gimmick, but because it was a really cool episode.

TVGuide.com: Eric Balfour did a nice job in the pilot as the emo boy-turned-hard rocker. What other guest-stars are coming up as former beaus of Bella's?
We have so many great guys. We have Eric Winter (Brothers & Sisters) [in this week's episode], Michael Weaver (Notes from the Underbelly), Brian Van Holt (Threshold), Reid Scott (My Boys), Kevin Sorbo…. Right now I'm working with James Tupper (Men in Trees), who's fantastic and hilarious and different. Their characters are all very different, played by great actors.

TVGuide.com: You certainly have a fun sandbox to play in, because basically any good - and good-looking - actor could be stopping by your show for a "date."
We've definitely been so lucky. The highlight for me of the show is working with all these different guys. That material is most fun for me, Bella's dates and the ridiculousness of all that.

TVGuide.com: Are we supposed to be wondering all along if ultimately, at the end of the day, Bella is destined to be with Elliot (played by Mark Deklin), the ex-boyfriend with whom she "shares custody" of a dog? Will that be an ongoing tease?
That's definitely an unresolved relationship, and there's a lot of tension still there. But I think that relationship ended for more than just the reason that she stated, that he wouldn't marry her. It's more complicated than that.

TVGuide.com: I have to note that you're absolutely luminous on Ex List. Never looked better. When you're cast as the lead on a new TV series, do you kick it up a notch – "I've got to make myself look as good as can be"?
Well yeah, but I've always been hardcore with my workouts and things. I've just never had a job where I was walking around in hot pants and bikinis, so it never really came into play. I'm actually working out less now, because I don't have as much time. I was always doing Pilates and yoga and running, everything.

TVGuide.com: On Grey's Anatomy, was the plan to move forward with Alex and Ava if Ex List hadn't come along?
I don't think so. Ava was starting to freak people out! [Laughs] She was starting to go in this other direction. But luckily she's not dead, so they could potentially bring her back.

TVGuide.com: She could really snap and show up at Seattle Grace with an Uzi and….
That's what we used to joke about, that she'd show up with a gun and, like, take Alex hostage!

TVGuide.com: Hey, maybe Alex Korev is one of Bella's old boyfriends!
Oh, how fantastic would that be? I would love that. Justin [Chambers] is just a "little busy," though, so I don't think that's going to happen!