Chuck Lorre Chuck Lorre

Anna Faris and Allison Janney star in the new CBS sitcom Mom. But to help promote the freshman comedy (premiering Monday, Sept. 23 at 9:30/8:30c), spots currently airing for Mom focus on another superstar: executive producer Chuck Lorre.

The promos follow Lorre behind the scenes during the taping of the Mom pilot while touting his credentials, including Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. "We thought that an interesting way to sell the comedy was its pedigree," says CBS Marketing Group president George Schweitzer. "There are people who follow showrunners and show creators. It goes beyond who's in [the show] and is it funny. It's also where is it from and can I depend on it. We think the Chuck Lorre brand is a huge positive emblem for us to identify."

CBS and other networks will frequently tout big-name producers like Jerry Bruckheimer in promos, but Schweitzer says Lorre is the first to actually appear in a marketing campaign. It helps that Lorre has become a bit of a household name, having even made it on the cover of TV Guide Magazine. "He's no stranger to the world of people who follow media and now to the people of America who follow our air," Schweitzer says. "We're getting a lot of response for it, also because it's a different looking spot." As for Lorre, "he's hearing from a lot of relatives."

Check out the promo here: