Britney Spears by Alexandra Wyman/ Britney Spears by Alexandra Wyman/

As you and I brown-bag lunch and wear that shirt for an eleventh straight season, let's look at how Britney makes a dent in her $738,000 monthly income. As detailed in court papers, it breaks down like this:

Mortgage: $50,000
Utilities: $10,000
Child care: $6,000
Clothes: $16,000
Entertainment: $102,000
Daily mentions in Matt's blog: priceless

Kevin Federline, meanwhile, nets $20,000-a-month in spousal support (only for two more weeks, though, yo) and $15K for child care. He himself whiles away $5,000 on entertainment and $2,000 on clothes/fedoras.

Other Brit bits:

" Appearing at Heidi Klum's Halloween bash dressed in a sombrero, fishnets and (does the rest really matter?), Spears asked her supermodel host if their kids could have a playdate. Per the New York Daily News, Klum smiled politely and then all but hired a security detail for her moppets.
" Blackout is poised to top next week's Billboard Top 200 CD chart with some 350,000 in sales, but even that invites controversy. The Eagles' Long Road out of Eden would reportedly claim No. 1 were it not distributed solely via Wal-Mart (and is thus ineligible for Billboard).