Angelina Jolie by Dimitrios Kambouris/ Angelina Jolie by Dimitrios Kambouris/

As catchy as the song is, with lyrics like " Angelina Jolie/ Tom and Katie too/That is what they're looking for/ Famous isn't holy/Better get a clue," U.K. pop heartthrobs Billiam probably shouldn't expect their freshman single, "Beautiful Ones," to turn up on many Hollywood iPods. (Well, except for maybe Jennifer Aniston's.) But the group's Jordan McPhee says that honestly, no disrespect was intended by the cheeky verse, especially toward Brad Pitt's honey. "Angelina Jolie doesn't try to be anyone else," says McPhee. "She is what she is, and it's the media who put her on a pedestal and try to persuade people to emulate her. But [the point of the song is that] everyone is beautiful, and people only have to be themselves to let their beauty shine. So if you really want to emulate Angelina, then be yourself!" Is he being sincere or snarky? Check out the lads' debut and draw your own conclusions.