Question: I'm sure you've heard enough about the w******' *t***e lately (we all have), but will the w******' *t***e affect the Booth-Bones kiss that we're supposed to get!

Answer: I have good news and bad news about the big Bones smooch, and all of it is included in this week's Ausiello Report vodcast. Oh, and before you accuse me of plugging the crap out of that thing this week, let me state for the record that it is not (um, entirely) because the TV biz has come to a grinding halt and I'm trying to pad AA to make up for the subsequent scoop shortfall. Rather, it's because, in the wake of Keri Russell's vodcast appearance, I was able to score not one, not two, not three but four count 'em, four internationally known glamour girls to drop by the studio for this week's installment. And if after you watch, you wanna weigh in on which parts of them are, shall we say, plastic, feel free. For once, I have a hunch their PR flak won't care.

OK, that's all, folks. Head over to the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread to pick apart this week's column. And send hot tips and/or suggestions for something fun to do when I'm in Dallas tomorrow night to See ya back here next week!