On the surface, Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis and Migos rapper Quavo have absolutely nothing in common. However, a sneak peek at black-ish's Season 5 finale unearths one surprising commonality between the unlikely pair. Like Sudeikis in those unforgettable late-night sketches, Quavo is really good at playing the straight man.

In this exclusive preview of Tuesday's episode of black-ish, titled "Relatively Grown Man," Quavo sits through a cringe-worthy pitch session with Dre's (Anthony Anderson) co-workers who are desperately trying (and failing) to sell the famed recording artist on a business venture called "boxable," which is described as an off-brand UPS.

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"They drop packages faster than Migos drops dope tracks," Leslie (Peter Mackenzie) awkwardly claims.

However, Quavo is not impressed by the clunky pitch. "It seem like a poor fit. I was hoping to hear more of a social media angle," he says. As the team stumbles through the rest of the meeting, Quavo holds his own as a sensible figure with acute business acumen.

"I love details. That's why I handle the Migos marketing business. Takeoff handle the jets, skrrrt skrrrt, and Offset, he on the logistics, brrrrrrrt." Okay, this is really hard to translate into words so just watch the amusing clip above.

The season 5 finale will see Junior (Marcus Scribner) receive the opportunity of a lifetime to work with the Migos. However, his parents Dre and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) really want him to go to college and earn a degree instead.

black-ish wraps Season 5 on Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC.

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