The Biggest Loser's Red Team used Dave Fioravanti's construction expertise to build the biggest pile of food and win an electronics prize package. Last week, however, they decided he was tearing down their morale. Due to his bad ankle, the 39-year-old Boston real-estate developer opted out of a hiking excursion, which Ryan, Lisa and Kelly viewed as a sign of weakness. Here, Fioravanti tells TV Guide Online how he really feels about his teammates, his drastic weight loss, and how he's keeping the pounds off.

TV Guide Online: Why did you butt heads with Ryan so much?
Dave Fioravanti:
He had lied in situations and so had I, and for him to get on a holier-than-thou podium and call me out for a being a liar was kind of a contradiction. It was the pot-calling-the-kettle-black scenario. I have a problem with that.

TVGO: So are you mad at him or at the girls for voting you off?
When you put people in a house in that situation and take away everything that settles people down on a daily basis, tempers flare. People handle stress differently. I'm not bitter at all. If you look at it, I was contradicted for not being a team player, but last night, I was the biggest asset because I lost the most weight.

TVGO: They seemed annoyed that you skipped the mountain-climbing challenge.
It wasn't a challenge and I didn't contribute because those trails are very uneasy and I do have a serious ankle injury. So I went back in the house and jumped on the bike for over an hour while they were hiking.

TVGO: Think you missed out on that bonding experience?
I did miss out on the bonding on that particular day, but the show is about losing weight and getting in shape. It is not about bonding.

TVGO: How much have you lost?
I've lost 64 pounds. I work out three hours a day and I'm on a much stricter diet now than I was on the show. I'm taking this very seriously.

TVGO: Do people watch what you eat when you go to a restaurant?
People are constantly scrutinizing me. I'm making choices now that I didn't make before, so I'm in such a routine that it doesn't bother me.

TVGO: You had some issues with Jillian's diet-and-exercise regimen. Have you followed anything that she taught you?
I am on my own. I have a different trainer who understands me and gets a lot more out of me. I've lost an incredible amount of weight since I've been home.

TVGO: Your team said you were bad for morale. True?
Not at all. I was good for morale. My teammates were always coming to me for diet advice, and I was constantly helping them. The one thing that Jillian and I got along well about was in respect to my diet. She always said my diet was A-plus, on the money, and that I was the best dieter on the team.

TVGO: You were pals with Mo. Why isn't he losing more weight? Is he cheating?
Mo wasn't losing more weight because he wasn't eating correctly. He wasn't cheating, but he wasn't eating enough calories and he wasn't eating enough good foods like green vegetables and good carbohydrates that will stimulate weight loss. Your body goes into starvation mode if you aren't taking in enough calories.

TVGO: Since you're from Boston, were you psyched that the Red Sox won?
I am a big Red Sox fan. I was at all the games. I was at the World Series in St. Louis. I was at Game 4 when they won. It was fabulous. Yeah, it's been a great year. The Red Sox won and I'm down 64 pounds!

The Biggest Loser airs tonight at 9 pm/ET on NBC.