Jessica was having her best week since entering the Big Brother 19 house until she bungled it all and cost Ramses his game.

After already winning the Halting Hex, Jessica got her boyfriend Cody back, won HOH and the Power of Veto. And yet, even while holding all the power, Jessica was unable to get out anyone who posed a real threat to her. Instead, the person who was evicted was her pawn, Ramses.

Paul had rallied the rest of the house — with the exceptions of Mark and Elena — to vote out Ramses over Josh, whose taunting of the "meatballs" Jessica and Cody was clearly agitating the couple. Despite catching onto the plan at the last minute thanks to Kevin, Jessica was unable to rally the votes and watched her plan fall apart before her eyes.

So how does Ramses feel to be collateral damage in the escalating war between Paul's side of the house and Jody? TV Guide spoke with the Big Brother superfan about his eviction and what Jessica could have done better this week.

Jessica had all the power this week, winning HOH and the Power of Veto, and yet you were the one who was evicted. Do you think this was a waste of Jessica's HOH?
Ramses: Absolutely. I talked to her multiple times about how the house could flip just to screw with them, but she never took any action when she had all the power to make those moves.

What would you have done differently if you had been Jessica this week?
I would have put up Paul next to his head minion Christmas. But [I don't know] if Paul would have left next to Christmas. That's literally all I ever thought about when I was in rooms laying down: trying to figure out how to get Paul out. Maybe by framing him somehow, just like he was doing to me.

When did you start to suspect — if ever — that you were going home this week?
The day after Veto I really started to suspect, so I started talking to people to solidify the votes they all told me I had. But the day of the eviction I was getting really bad vibes, so I pretty much knew.

You and Kevin developed a very close bond. Why did you two connect so strongly and will you still be going to Thanksgiving even though he voted you out?
I think that the fact that I was the youngest and he was the oldest and the fact that our personalities are so different made us close. He's super rough and I'm super nice, so it's a funny combo. And he's hilarious! I'll for sure be going to Thanksgiving to visit his entire family!

Who are you going to be rooting for now and why do you think they deserve to go far in the game?
Elena is a very smart player that is waiting for the right time to blow up the house. I hope she starts strategizing like crazy soon so that she leaves a mark in the game and makes it to the end. Kevin is also playing a great game. He is so well liked that no one will even want to harm him in the game. He's also really smart and knows how to make the house think of him as a weak older guy when in reality he's very strong and smart.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Ramses: Never eating them again.

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