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Big Brother 18's Victor Defends Trusting Nicole and Corey

Would he have turned on them?

Joyce Eng

Third time is the charm.
Victor is the first person in Big Brother history to re-enter the house twice and on Tuesday, he became the first person to be evicted for the third time. His fate might have been different -- hell, he would've been a very deserving winner -- had he and Paul not put all their eggs in Nicole and Corey's basket.
So why was he -- again, someone who has already been evicted twice -- so confident that Nicorey, who had already turned on James and Natalie, wouldn't turn on him? See what Vic says below.
Big Brother 18's Natalie explains why she didn't throw Nicorey under the bus
You said your downfall was trusting people. Why did you trust Nicole and Corey so much, especially since you're so good at comps and you've already been evicted twice?

Throughout the entire game there was never a point where they did anything to me or I did anything to them. So I didn't worry. When I finally got to a point where I needed them and I trusted them they didn't evict me and they bribed me and they gave me 5,000 dollars. I saw that as a gesture of good faith and I trusted them. That was my mistake. I wouldn't do anything different though. I like the fact that I can leave the game as an honest player, even though I will not have the check in my pocket.
Do you consider Corey and Nicole's betrayal to be worse than when you were backdoored? Would you and Paul have turned on them?
Being betrayed by Corey and Nicole was worse than being backdoored because I actually saw them as friends and not just a game alliance. Yes, if I had stayed in the game I would have tried to separate them and I would not have taken either of them to the final two. I would have taken James as a tit for tat for evicting my boy Paul.

Victor, Big Brother 18

Victor, Big Brother 18

Sonja Flemming, CBS

Do you regret not trying to pull in James as a backup after Natalie's eviction? Why or why not?
I don't regret [not] pulling in James as a backup because I know he is not the best competitor. He has only won one competition this season and at this point that is what you need. On top of that, he would much rather compete against Corey and Nicole than Paul and I. So he would have done the same thing that Nicole and Corey did.

Do you get to keep the Battle Back belt? If so, where are you going to put it?
Yes, I do. I'm so excited to be reunited with it. I'll probably end up making a memory box and have that in it.

Big Brother airs Wednesday and Friday this week at 8/7c on CBS.

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