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Happy Super Blood Wolf Moon! Here's a Ranking of the Best TV Werewolves

Hybrids totally count -- fight me

Lindsay MacDonald

Let's be real: an emo teenager who spent her days listening to My Chemical Romance and attempting to create the perfect liquid line definitely came up with the term "Super Blood Wolf Moon," and you cannot convince me otherwise.

But in all seriousness, Sunday marks an extremely rare cosmic event as three lunar phenomena happen all at once. First, a supermoon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is the closest to the Earth it can be in its elliptic orbit, making it appear much larger in the sky than normal. A blood moon occurs during a lunar eclipse when the moon, in total eclipse, appears to have a reddish tint thanks to some refracted light from the sun. And lastly, a wolf moon is another name for the full moon that occurs during the month of January.

On Sunday, Jan. 20, all three events (a super moon, a blood moon, and obviously the January wolf moon) will occur on the same night, giving the world a seriously cool celestial event to witness: A Super Blood Wolf Moon. IRL, this will be a fun excuse to camp outside and watch the heavens, but you've got to admit that if this were happening in a TV show, some seriously crazy sh-- would likely be going down. More specifically, some crazy werewolf sh--.

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So, because we here at TV Guide will take any excuse to obsess over fictional werewolves, we're celebrating the Super Blood Wolf Moon with an official ranking of all our favorite TV werewolves!

11. Ruby Lucas (Once Upon a Time)

​Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time


Though she didn't get as much screen time as she deserved over the course of Once Upon a Time's seven seasons, Ruby (Meghan Ory) definitely left her paw prints all over our hearts. She cleverly flipped the script on the usual Red Riding Hood tale, turning out to be both Red and the wolf thanks to her nifty magic cloak. When facing down evil queen, ogres and giants, you definitely want this girl on your team.

10. Rafael Waithe (Legacies)




Though he had no knowledge of his werewolf roots when he first transitioned on Legacies, Rafael (Peyton Alexander Smith) didn't take long to flourish as a werewolf at the Salvatore School. He'd barely been at the school for a month before he challenged and unseated the pack alpha, earning the title (and benefits) for himself. And he got to beat up a bully in the process. How fun! He's still got a lot to learn about pack dynamics (not to mention how to handle swooning siphoner witches), but he's crushing the werewolf life so far.

9. Elena Michaels (Bitten)




Female werewolves are harder to find that you'd think on TV, but they're even harder to find in the world of Bitten. As the only female werewolf in the world, Elena (Laura Vandervoort) had a lot of pressure riding on her, both inside and out of her own pack, but she wore it well. Rather than playing the typical damsel-in-distress role usually reserved for female protagonists in supernatural dramas, Elena was a force to be reckoned with and had a wit as sharp as her claws.

8. Daniel "Oz" Osbourne (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

​Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Nothing about Buffy the Vampire Slayer or its monsters was ever traditional, but Oz (Seth Green) was especially unusual as a werewolf. He bucked the usual trends of bloodthirsty, super-macho wolves as kind of an arty dweeb who had an excellent habit of making odd and hilarious comments that could break even the worst kinds of tension.

7. Maia Roberts (Shadowhunters)




Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) may look like a tough girl from the outside -- the gnarly claw marks covering her neck help with that -- but underneath that rough exterior is a sweet girl and wonderful friend. So wonderful, in fact, that if you hurt her besties or, heaven-forbid, challenge her alpha, she'll gut you with a pretty smile on her face.

6. Hayley Marshall (The Originals)

​The Originals

The Originals


Make way for your werewolf queen, peasants. Even though Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) was ignorant of her pseudo-royal bloodline for most of her life, you'd never know it: She acted like a boss every day of her life. She may have met an untimely end in Season 5 of The Originals, sacrificing her life for her daughter's, but that's just what mama wolves do for their cubs.

5. Dyson Thornwood (Lost Girl)

​Lost Girl

Lost Girl


Hi, hello, have you met Dyson Thornwood (Kris Holden-Reid), your new werewolf obsession? Though Lost Girl had many fantastic creatures and critters from the Fae world, Dyson was undeniably the most interesting. On top of a really cool backstory (and a swoon-worthy romance with a succubus), Dyson also had a wicked, if sometimes morbid, sense of humor that was endearing as all get out.

4. Luke Garroway (Shadowhunters)



Ever since Shadowhunters premiered, viewers have been faced with the conflicting desires to view Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa) as a father figure but also a piece of fine, fine man meat. On one hand, he's an excellent step-dad to Clary (Katherine McNamara) and can balance fatherhood with the full-time jobs of pack leader and New York City police officer. On the other hand, he's got the abs and voice of your dream boyfriend, so lusty feelings are pretty much unavoidable. Eh, either way, you can call him "daddy."

3. Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)

​Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf


Has there ever been a werewolf as pure as Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)? TV werewolves are usually a heady mixture of sexy and tormented, but Scott was just this cute kid who wanted to be awesome at lacrosse and impress the new girl in school, preferably without any of his besties dying mysterious and gruesome deaths. Is that really so much to ask? Out of every werewolf on this list, Scott McCall is the one most deserving of snuggles.

2. Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries)

​The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries


Yes, hybrids count as werewolves, how dare you say different! For real though, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) might have been a half-vampire psycho murderer most of the time, but he was also clearly the alpha in any room he walked into. Plus, you kind of have to hand it to the guy: he worked ceaselessly for 1,000 years to break the curse locking his werewolf side away so that he could embrace both sides of his supernatural identity. Could your faves ever?

1. Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)

​Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf


Somehow, some way, Teen Wolf managed to take all the things we like about every werewolf on this list and roll them up into the utter ball of perfection that is Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). Tortured past, preferably via a family massacre? Check! Abs for days? Check! Sense of humor? Check, but only around Stiles (Dylan O'Brien)! Heart of gold that makes you want to wrap him in a blanket and hide him away from the cruel, cruel world of Beacon Hills? Double check! Congrats, Derek! You're officially TV Guide's favorite TV werewolf.