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The Best Romance Shows and Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

It's time to treat yourself

Krutika Mallikarjuna

There is no greater way to treat yourself than curling up with a bottle of wine, some good cheese, and a rom-com. Despite the dearth of quality options on the big screen in the last few years, Netflix has been holding us down with its originals. From movies to anthologies to ambitious multi-season shows, there's truly something to suit everyone's tastes. TV Guide combed through the best of the best and made these recs just for you. Just make sure you pour an extra glass for us in spirit.

The Best Anime Shows to Stream on Netflix Right Now

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor, To All the Boys I've Loved Before​

To All The Boys I Loved Before
What its about:
After all her secret love letters get mailed to her crushes, a young Korean-American teenager finds herself in a fake relationship with a popular boy at school in order to avoid ruining her friendship with the crush of her dreams.
You should watch if: You crave a YA adaptation that goes above and beyond the novel. To All The Boys is possibly the best rom-com of the last 10 years, and it takes all of the best rom-com tropes and infuses them with a realistic, empathetic love story.


Love Per Square Foot
What its about:
Two coworkers scam to win the housing lottery for the apartment of their dreams. The only catch? They have to pretend to be engaged, and their families -- who come from very different religious and class backgrounds -- are not on board.
You should watch if: You're looking for a delightful twist on the classic scammers-getting-scammed-into-love narrative. This Netflix India original is a fresh Bollywood take on the modern millennial's greatest nightmare: actually becoming a responsible adult.

Curtis Baker

Candy Jar
What its about:
Two competitive high school debate stars are forced to work together to win a championship title that will get them into the college of their dreams. Along the way they find out that there's more to life than just studying.
You should watch if: You love a story about two loners finally finding someone who really understands them. It's nowhere nearly as popular as To All The Boys, but it should be.

David Lee/Netflix

She's Gotta Have It
What its about:
The Netflix reboot of the Spike Lee classic spins out Nola Darling's (DeWanda Wise) story in the modern era. Dating three wildly different men at once, Nola is being pulled in so many different directions that she has trouble figuring out what will really make her happy.
You should watch if: You're in the mood to laugh about how sweet and terrible all of your exes were. Nola might be brave enough at the end of the series to make the right (and surprisingly queer) choice, but watching her stumble through a bunch of romantic mistakes on the way there will have you reminiscing in a good way.


Ali's Wedding
What its About: The Australian born-and-bred son of an Iraqi cleric tells a white lie about his engagement that spins wildly out of control.
You should watch if: You're jonesing for an immigrant story that's not tragedy porn. A sweet, joyful experience, this movie is the uplifting note you've been waiting for.

Alan Peebles/Netflix

What its About: A man -- with the help of his two beleaguered friends -- has to revisit all his exes to tell them that he might have given them an STD and finds out why all of his romantic endeavors failed along the way.
You should watch if: The British sensibility for scathing truths delivered via understatement calls to you. Don't let the goofy premise fool you, this series will wallop you in the face with emotions and by the end you'll have cathartically cried many times over.

Stephanie Branchu / Netflix

The Hook Up Plan
What its About: To get their friend over an ex, two women hire a male prostitute to pretend to date her. Unsurprisingly, their connection turns into something real only to be ruined when the truth comes out.
You should watch if: You want a take on falling in love from the people who do it best -- the French. This charming Parisian sitcom will have you howling with laughter and cheering for our girls the whole time.


What its about: A young woman crashes with her friend and his girlfriend at their squatter's complex and makes everyone's lives (including her own) a living hell when her latent attraction to her friend ruins his relationship.
You should watch if: You love Phoebe Waller-Bridge's particular brand of dark comedy. The show is just as sad as it is funny, and there's some delightful side characters as well as an amazing coming-out story to balance out the show.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum
What its about: A young virginal woman from the estates (that's British for projects) finds that the older she gets the less she knows about the world. Thankfully for her, she finds some small, but meaningful connections to help her find her place.
You should watch if: You're in the mood to watch a love story where there's no such thing as Prince Charming. A joyful, buoyant watch, this show is all about appreciating people -- warts and all.

Sam Taylor/Netflix

Sex Education
What its about: The awkward son of a renowned sex therapist sets up an underground sex therapy practice at his high school, suddenly becoming the one guy everyone wants to talk about their relationship and sex problems with.
You should watch if: You revel in realistic and optimistic stories about teenagers that don't shy away from the tough conversations. Sex Education is a great reminder that no matter how alone you feel, there's someone out there who is in the same boat.


What its about: This anthology series interweaves the stories of loosely connected Chicago friends as they explore all the different ways people can love (and have sex).
You should watch if: You really can't pick what kind of romance you're in the mood for. Don't worry, Easy truly does have it all.


What its about: Alfre Woodard stars in this Netflix movie about a woman so fed up with her life that she picks up and sets off into the unknown -- while leaving her grown children behind.
You should watch if: You want a romance that's all about a woman falling in love with herself and finding a new lease on life.

Murray Close/Netflix

Sense 8
What its about: Eight strangers wake up one day to discover they're psychically linked, and as they unravel a massive conspiracy while running for their lives, they redefine the meaning of family and love.
You should watch if: You love the Wachowskis and want to delve into another one of their rich sci-fi worlds -- only this time it's an international and metaphysical thriller with, and I cannot stress this enough, the wildest mental orgies on TV.