Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of July 19-25.

This week's Netflix releases are getting real, y'all. Queer Eye is back to show you how to be your best self, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is about funny people running errands, and Last Chance U demonstrates the struggles troubled football players go through. Step out of your life and watch these people's lives instead is basically what Netflix is saying. But if your life is so perfect that you feel uncomfortable watching someone else go through theirs, you can still blast off into space with some sci-fi or get down with some foreign horror. It's a mixed bag this week!

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The Biggest Releases

Queer Eye, Season 4
The guys are back for another season of making the world a better place, one person in the Heartland of America at a time. Season 4 mostly takes place at Kansas City, Missouri, with the opener heading back to Jonathan's high school in Illinois where the episode's hero is his old music teacher, a mullet-ed woman who gets her wardrobe from home shopping networks. It's more of the same — helping others out through internal and external transformation while addressing larger social topics — but there's nothing wrong with that. Stranger Things is the same old sh-- each season and we still love it.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Season 11
Jerry Seinfeld engages in risky behavior when he transports scalding hot beverages in vehicles only he can afford while being distracted by his friends. It's all a joke to this guy, isn't it? Ricky Gervais, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and more enable Seinfeld's recklessness. (Trailer)

Everything Else

Last Chance U, Part 4
The award-winning docuseries about the unglamorous life of junior college football continues with another year at Kansas' Independent Community College, where the team is mostly made up of players looking for a second chance after some poor life choices got them booted from Division I teams. This isn't one of those stories about overcoming odds and carrying an unlikely hero on the team's shoulders after a surprise playoff run; this is about going 2-8, getting yelled at by the coach, and using all your strength just to get out of bed and get back on the field again where you know you're going to get pummeled. This is real life.

Money Heist, Part 3
If you're going to heist something, money is a good choice. But the logline for this season is, "This time it's not about money, it's about family." So I guess this popular Spanish action series will be heisting some family this time around. (Trailer)

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, Season 3
If the sound of passed gas and the like is funny to you, then by all means sit your kids down and watch this animated series that treats all bodily functions with equal humor. This time, George and Harold are stuck at different, but adjoining, summer camps. Hopefully this forces them to branch out from their codependent relationship. (Trailer)

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, Season 1
This CGI anime series follows a young man who discovers he has superpowers because he's part of an ancient order of warriors tasked with saving the world, just like every other anime out there. (Trailer)

This scariest thing about this Indian horror film is that it might not actually have any horror in it. A family moves into an old house, but there don't appear to be any ghosts inside. There are some dead people, but they just seem like normal run-of-the-mill murders. Even the trailer's big GOTCHA ending is just a boy turning around and getting surprised by a regular woman. If this movie isn't about people being eaten by typewriters from hell, then I don't see the point. (Trailer)

The Great Hack
This documentary is just about how Cambridge Analytica spied on your online activity and built a profile on you that features 5,000 data points and then used that information to target propaganda at you to change the world as we know it. No biggie. Enjoy surfing the web tonight. (Wednesday, July 24 / Trailer)

Another Life, Season 1
I thought Katee Sackhoff would be a big time star after playing Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, but instead she's starring in Canadian sci-fi series with disappointing special effects. (Thursday, July 25 / Trailer)

Workin' Moms, Season 2
The moms are still working in Season 2 of this comedy about mothers who would all have their children taken away if DHS saw any of this. (Thursday, July 25 / Trailer)

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Betty Gilpin, Alison Brie; Glow