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Break out the latkes and kindle those candles, because it's time to celebrate the Festival of Lights with some Hanukkah videos. Check out our favorites and be sure to weigh in on your picks.

Adam Sandler's "The Hanukkah Song" (The Original)
Why We Love It: Finding words that rhyme with "Hanukkah" is no easy task. Sandler's made-up solutions — "funnukah," "gin and tonicah" and "marajuanica" — make us kvell.
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(Click for Part 2 and Part 3 of the song)

Neil Diamond's Cover of "The Hanukkah Song"
Why We Love it:
The star-studded animated video features a special guest-starring appearance by Diamond's chest sweater.
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SNL's Hanukkah Harry Sketch
Why We Love It: Though Jon Lovitz is perfect as Santa Claus' Jewish twin, the best part of this sketch is the hummable theme song. On, Shlomo!
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South Park's "The Dreidel Song" (Warning: Adult Language)
Why We Love it: Hanky's foulmouthed version of the Hanukkah song includes Cartman's anti-Semitic rants and Kyle's dad's declaration of love for Courteney Cox.
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American Comedy Network's "My Menorah"
Why We Love It: This cover of The Knack's "My Sharona" is sung by a bunch of candles. is always entertaining, particularly how they swap out mys for oys.
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"8 Nights of Hanukkah" as Told by Jewish Celebrities
Why We Love It: Because who wouldn't want Yiddish magnetic poetry for a gift?
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Daily Show's Best Hanukkah Moments Mashup
Why We Love It: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert report on such stories as "The War on Hanukkah."
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What are your favorite Hanukkah videos?