Beauty and the Geek

With $250,000 on the line, tonight's episode should have been a bit more exciting, but at least we still heard brilliant one-liners from our beauties and geeks. It all kicked off with Joe hoping to beat Cher and Josh "I feel like its a Herculean task and we're just waiting for impending doom." Wow, Joe, I had no idea how poetic you could be!  

Task 1 was to make a video message thanking their partners for everything they've accomplished. Josh began his with "you know when I came to this house, with how nervous I am around attractive women and being lactose intolerant.... " Im not really sure how Cher helped him become more tolerant of dairy products, but whatever. Maybe I'm giving Josh too much attention, but we can't forget his hilarious and so unexpected "Im nobody's bitch." For the last challenge, the women's geography skills and the guys shopping skills were put to the ultimate test. Ready for the next thought-provoking line, courtesy of Brittany? "Geology is rocks. Geography is maps and rivers and stuff like that." Yeah, I feel a lot smarter now. It actually gave me a slight headache listening to the girls figure out which way is north and how impossible it is to use a Thomas Guide when trying to navigate a SUV around Los Angeles. But in the end, two people had to go bye-bye, and I wasn't at all surprised that Brittany and Joe had beginner's luck in the elimination round. So long to Ankur and Jennipher, and here's wishing the best to our final two teams, 'til next time.