Battlestar Galactica
After last week's killer intrigue, they shift gears and start us off with Apollo floating in space... then do the "48 hours earlier" trick. It worked when they did it with Starbuck in flames a while back, and it works just as well this time. Here we go, with Helo and the Chief barely escaping a Full Metal Jacket

-style soap opera, Cain asking Starbuck in for a drink, Apollo confronting his father about the hit he put out on Cain and so on, right up until the point where Cain's colonel comes onboard the Galactica and takes command of the Marines there. One poignant note to break things up: Adama asks Boomer why the Cylons hate humanity so much. She reminds him of how, in a speech, he said humanity never asked itself why it deserves to survive. "Maybe you don't," she says. On to more disturbing beauty as Apollo, forced to eject during the attack, floats through space, leaking air, with a front-row view of the battle's pyrotechnics. And speaking of disturbing beauty, how about Baltar rebelling against Number Six, telling her prisoner self the same story Number Six told him? He's made a choice; I'm just not sure what it is. And when Adama calls Starbuck off at the point of the hit (and Cain does the same with the colonel), I must admit I have no idea how this is going to play out. So when Prisoner Number Six takes the guard's gun, begs Baltar to kill her and takes off when he refuses, it's a nicely constructed surprise when she shoots Cain herself. It's also a nice setup to hear Starbuck say they were safer when Cain was around. I sure don't think so. Then again, I'm lousy at predicting what's what on this show and I don't mind a bit.