Barbara Walters by Donna Svennevik/ABC Barbara Walters by Donna Svennevik/ABC

As part of her recent radio chat with Ryan Seacrest, Barbara Walters cheered The View's performance (perseverance?) sans Rosie, saying that instead of viewership going down, as many predicted, "Ratings are up, so we're quite happy." Cue the fuzzy math. While ABC's spin on the Nielsens flags that the talker last week was up 13 percent versus a year ago (and pre-Rosie), the overall audience (as well as its delivery of women 18 to 49) is down some 10 percent when compared to O'Donnell's final week on the show - the context within which Walters purported to be speaking. Now that's a hot topic.

On an unrelated note (though one could argue, "Speaking of views")... Matt Webb Mitovich (me) is a guest on the June 15 TV Guide podcast, available here and via iTunes. Keep those M&Ms coming!