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Former President Barack Obama Just Told Y'all to Stop Bingeing TV

But for a good reason

Tim Surette

Former President Barack Obama spit hot fire Friday at the University of Illinois to encourage all you young people (and everyone else, basically) out there to get your behinds to the voting booths in November to stop whatever is going on in Washington and bring some sanity back to democracy. But it may be harder for some than others. He just asked us to stop binge-watching television!

In his most direct speech since leaving the White House in early 2017, Obama took aim at President Donald Trump, the White House circus, oligarchs influencing policy with their immense wealth and -- for a moment -- our TV watching habits. He said the only way to restore the sanctity of democracy was to vote, vote, and vote. But he also called out apathy as an enemy of a people's government, encouraging us all to lift our heads from our devices for a few minutes to make change.

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"So if you don't like what's going on right now, and you shouldn't, do not complain," Obama said in that familiar Obama voice and cadence. "Don't hashtag. Don't get anxious. Don't retreat, don't binge on whatever it is you're bingeing on. Don't lose yourself in ironic detachment. Don't put your head in the sand. Don't boo. Vote! Vote!"

That's right, Obama -- a noted fan of television who has a production deal with binge masters Netflix -- just told you to stop binge-watching television so you can make a change. I'll do my best, but I just started my rewatch of Gunsmoke, so we'll see.

To find out where you can register to vote, head over to USA.gov.