UPDATE, July 1, 2019: Six years after this season of The Bachelorette aired, Brian contacted TV Guide to refute the way he was portrayed on the ABC reality series. Brian claimed the woman who appeared on set back in 2013 was actually his ex-girlfriend and that their relationship had ended before The Bachelorette even started. The original story continues below.

EARLIER: A week after rapping about being on The Bachelorette for "the right reasons," one suitor proved he was the opposite but genuine when his girlfriend showed up to confront him.

On Monday's episode, Brian's apparent girlfriend Stephanie came to the mansion to confront him for being on the show. (She says she just thought her boyfriend was merely going away on a trip.) Joining the ranks of Wes from Jillian's season, Justin from Ali's season and Bentley from Ashley's season, Brian showed he had ulterior motives and was ultimately dismissed for his dishonesty.

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Keep reading for Chris Harrison's take on the confrontation, why he thinks Juan Pablo is the current fan favorite and how Ben will continue to rub guys the wrong way.

How does someone get on the show with a girlfriend at home?
Chris Harrison:
There are things you just aren't able to find [out]. We can vet the psychological profiles, do drug testing and test for STDs, but unless we have the time and the money to vet someone like a Chief Justice in the Supreme Court, you have to take their word as, "I'm single and available." And the thing about our show is that sadly it's not predicated on the fact that everyone is honest and true. We're hoping to find 25 great guys, but that's life and this is the bullsh-- people deal with trying to date.

So do you really believe her?
I knew he was completely full of sh-- and trying to save himself [when] she had the exact dates of our production because he told her, "I'm going on this day and I'm finishing on this day." And this girl isn't Meryl Streep; you don't come up with that kind of emotion. People didn't see, but even before she walked in she was bawling, saying, "I don't know if I can do this, I don't want to see him." I was proud that she found the courage to purge herself for 30 minutes on this guy. He finally admitted they slept in the same bed the day before which basically means that the morning he left he was in bed with another woman, got up, grabbed his bags and came on to The Bachelorette. She was just duped, andto her credit they were taking a bit of a break, but she thought it was so he could "better himself."

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Do you think he'll come to Men Tell All?
I'd love to at least get his spin on it and find out why and what he was thinking. I'm not mad at the guy, I really don't care. Maybe he's not a bad guy and has been stuck in this horrible rut of a relationship and thought, "This is what I need to find something new."

Moving on to the group date, poor Brooks got hurt during dodgeball.
Brooks got really hurt, and as soon as I saw the look on his face I knew. It was disgusting. He definitely wasn't faking it.

Brad opened up about having a son. Lots of heavy stories this season!
This is an open and honest group and I think they feel like they can tell her anything. Word had spread [in the house] that people are talking about their issues, so then the next guy thinks, "I need to open up or I'm out of here." It's an emotional group of men.

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On the other group date, Juan Pablo won some alone time with Des, and I don't think we had heard him try to speak yet!
If we have a fan favorite right now it's Juan Pablo. He's actually a really good guy. But Des loves her some Juan Pablo, and the question that she doesn't really care to answer right now is, "Is there more to this guy than his accent and body?" But right now she doesn't really care.

Kasey's one-on-one date had all the elements against him, but he still got a rose.
The problem with Kasey is that he's so charismatic and the guys all love him and he's so good around the group, but then on the one-on-one he kind of struck out. I think she chalked this up to giving him a Mulligan because that was a completely different guy than she's heard about from us and what she's seen in the group setting. I think she's giving him a do-over because the date wasn't that great, but she's not ready to kick him aside.

Poor Brandon was so shocked he wasn't given the rose.
With him it was too much too soon. It's one thing if you pour your heart out and tell her you like her already, but there's a line. We all know that guy or girl where it's like, "Slow down! It's just the second date. I don't need to meet your parents and start picking out [china] patterns." You hope for his sake he'll see this and think, "Maybe this is why I'm still single."

You said the drama won't die down after this week. What can you tease?
Ben is the immediate focus . He's really rubbing guys the wrong way, and it's obvious Des likes him. He's just doing everything he can to rub the guys' nose in it. But it goes beyond him too. We're just skimming the surface.

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