Awwww. Graduation Day. So many emotions, so many memories. And for some of us, so much drinking, we're not even sure if we got a diploma. One thing I do know is if I got to go to Laguna High, you'd be prying me out of the place with the jaws of life. So let's commence (get it?) with this week's "The Future Is Here and Its Parents Gave It a Frying Pan" survey.
1) Talan's getting his G.E.D.?! Did we even know he was a dropout?
2) Um, did anyone else catch Sexually Ambiguous Cedric calling Jason the Chronic Cheater "cutie"? And that hug? For a second, I thought I was watching MTV's Logo network.
3) Who else wants Alex H. to sign their yearbook? Seriously, I'm gonna have 10 of her babies.
4) Should I be embarrassed that I can't wait for the movie of Rent?
5) Jason, Steeephen, L.C., Kristin and Alex H. are all moving to L.A. Can you say "spin-off"?
6) How messed up is it that Cabbage Patch Taylor's mom told her to go "ultrasexy" to counteract the potato-sack cap-and-gown combo?
7) And is that more or less messed up than Poor Dumb Jessica not realizing that school was 12 years long, not 18? (We won't even address her left-right issues.)
8) Jason's "I Love Lauren" was totally a) ridiculous, seeing that they'd been dating like, a day; b) kewt; c) creepy in that "I watch you from my car at night" sort of way; or d) staged.
9) Do we think Awful Alex M.'s parents sent her to Spain for a month to have some damn peace and quiet? And how soon before Casey the Porntastic starts up more rumors about her ladystink after seeing that bash session? Heeheee.
BONUS No. 1: What exactly does "the end of the beginning" mean?
BONUS No. 2: How good is next week going to be when L.C. loses her s--t all over Jason?