Amy O'Hara Amy O'Hara

Just minutes before the Yaxha tribe merged with Nakum on CBS' Survivor: Guatemala — The Maya Empire (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), the remaining members decided to vote off Amy O'Hara. It momentarily seemed like the Yaxhas might have kept the 39-year-old tough-talking Massachusetts police sergeant, who so stoically struggled with a battered ankle, in favor of ousting repeat Survivor wannabe Bobby Jon, but the last-minute plan failed and Amy was sentenced to leave. asked Amy about her ouster, her plans to bust Gary for lying and which opponent she would have arrested for foul play. I thought you had a chance there, when Danni suggested getting rid of Bobby Jon.
Amy O'Hara: I know, and I worked it the best I could. When I look back, I wouldn't have done anything differently. I worked hard and tried a few different things and it just didn't work out for me. It is destiny. Why do you think they decided to keep Bobby Jon?
Amy: A number of reasons. First of all, Danni and Brandon were aligned with Bobby Jon early on and they didn't want to break their word. Plus, I tried to work with Danni on even voting out Gary because we were going to merge. Really?
Amy: Yeah — I said [to Danni], "The guys are going to be more of a physical threat when you merge, compared to me, who has a bum ankle. You've got to keep that in mind." Then I said, "Bobby Jon already had his shot. What about me? Help me out here." So how is your ankle now?
Amy: I'm still in physical therapy for my ankle. It will be 100 percent soon, I hope. Was it broken or sprained?
Amy: I had a real bad sprain. It was blown out. Right, and then you injured it again in that game with the giant balls.
Amy: When I injured it that second time, oh my god — I saw stars. But you got right back up.
Amy: I know! I was p---ed off that it happened. I just got mad and thought there was no way I am going out like this. You had said they would never give someone like you a second chance to compete on Survivor. Why not?
Amy: I think because Bobby Jon and Stephenie are like 28 years old, and they are gorgeous — people love that. I'm going to be 40, you know what I'm sayin'? Who would give me a second chance? Did you think you had a stronger chance before the tribal switcheroo?
Amy: Before the teams got split up, I was in a tight alliance, which meant I probably would have made the merge. It was me, Gary, Stephenie and Rafe — we were tight. But you know, things happen. The tribes switch up and you have to get as far as you can, but it just didn't work out. The numbers weren't there for me. You also threatened to hunt Gary down if you found out he was lying. Are you still planning on that?
Amy: Yeah. [Yells] "Ga-a-a-ry!" Well, first of all I don't have to hunt him down, I know exactly where he is. I kind of knew [he was lying], but the fact that he laughed at me and still denied it just aggravated me. Every day I'd rib him and and say "Gary Hawkins [the pseudonym he was using to hide his football past], I'll find you." I know it is [really] Gary Hogeboom. When I see him out in L.A. [for the reunion], I'm going to sack the quarterback. He kept saying you'd never find him because you were looking for the wrong guy.
Amy: I know, but we know you are Gary Hogeboom – it is all over. Did you have fun out there?
Amy: I had a freakin' blast, the time of my life! Even with all the suck-ass bugs and the heat and the not eatin' and not drinkin', and smellin', I had a good time. The zip line: Would you ever do anything like that again?
Amy: Unless I can win a prize or I have to do it, I won't do it again. It seemed like less of a reward and more of a challenge for you.
Amy: Right. I'm like, "Is this thing going to hold me?" I do have a fear of heights, but I like to scare myself, too. It absolutely would hold you, because you looked like you lost a ton of weight out there.
Amy: I think I lost about 12 or 13 pounds. Yeah, you looked skinny at the end.
Amy: Yeah! [Laughs] It is all good. Are you going to continue working [as a cop], or do you want to try acting?
Amy: I love my job. I am a police officer. I'm not looking to get into the entertainment world. If something fell on my plate, I would consider it, but I love my job as a police officer. Love it. You deal with crazy people every day, so it seems like a good match for Survivor.
Amy: I deal with deceptive people all day long. So I definitely had experience that prepared me for the mental part of Survivor. What was the hardest thing to deal with on Survivor?
Amy: Without a doubt, it was the inevitable fact that I was going home. That was hard for me. Of course, the merge came right after, so I want to kill somebody. Literally right after!
Amy: Let me tell you, if I had made that merge, nobody would be coming after me. I'm a weak link, and they have to go after the strong with individual immunity. Plus, I had people over there and people from my new tribe. We could have worked a few things. Was there anyone you just didn't get along with?
Amy: Brian and I had a love-hate relationship. We made each other laugh, but he annoyed the hell out of me and I annoyed him. I thought he was treacherous and untrustworthy from Day 1. I knew he was talking smack and everything else behind our backs, but we still laughed our butts off out there.