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American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga Dishes on Violet's Fate and What's Coming Up Next

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story, "Smoldering Children." Read at your own risk.] Um, worst boyfriend ever? So Tate, it turns out, decided it was best for Violet not to know she had...

Denise Martin

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story, "Smoldering Children." Read at your own risk.]

Um, worst boyfriend ever?

So Tate, it turns out, decided it was best for Violet not to know she had accidentally killed herself and instead proposed that the two commit (fake) suicide and live in Murder House happily ever after. Because of course that trumps boarding school! And when that idea didn't go over so well, he took poor Violet to see her decaying, fly-bait of a corpse, which he had stashed in a crawl space beneath the house. Because that's the best way to reveal that she's dead.

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The question now is: How much more can Violet take? After all, Tate still has sins he's keeping hidden. TVGuide.com quizzed American Horror Story'sTaissa Farmiga, who made her acting debut just one year ago in big sister Vera's directorial debut Higher Ground, about Violet's surprise demise, all those flies (yuck!), and what will happen when she finds out that her boyfriend is so much more than a mass murderer:

On one hand, poor Violet! On the other, she has really bad taste in guys.
Taissa Farmiga:
I kinda caused it myself, yeah (laughs). It's all Violet's fault. She didn't even know she was dead. But Tate knew — and Tate's keeping even moresecrets.

It seems inevitable that she will find out that Tate (Evan Peters) has impregnated her mom...or so we're assuming.
Yes, she finds out in the next episode, and it's, ummm... it's gonna be something.

She's already been OK with having a dead boyfriend who killed a bunch of his classmates (not to mention various previous owners of Murder House). But knocking up her mom seems, somehow, extra wrong?
Farmiga: It's a pretty big secret! I think she handles it the right way — I won't tell you how she does it, but I think she does it the right way. Tate's pretty messed up, but she's drawn to him because she's drawn to darkness. He started empathizing with her about her cutting and school and her parents, so she started to trust him. He's the only person she can talk to. She loves him. But, yes, there are some things that are just...too much.

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Constance (Jessica Lange) has been hot and cold when it comes to Violet, first trying to poison her and then confiding in her when Addie died. What's ahead for them?
Now that I'm stuck in the house forever, I gotta deal with her. They don't really like each other, but they need each other now. Violet goes to her [after the reveal] and she's asking questions. Constance seems to have some of the answers and she also needs Violet's help in return. But really, they do not like each other.

How else do things change for Violet now that she knows she's dead?
She becomes really protective of her parents. She accepts her death because she's been so immersed in this world already. You saw that she accepts it pretty easily, actually. But she doesn't want her parents to know because she doesn't want to hurt them any more than they are already. So she does try to deal with it -- but then all these other issues come up with her mother being pregnant and then the Tate of it all.

Violet did seem pretty calm at the end of the episode playing cards with Tate. But what was it like for you seeing your own corpse?!
How would anyone react if they saw their dead body like that? By the way, they released, I don't know, 5,000 or so flies during that scene. There were so many flies, it was disgusting. So imagine seeing a dead body that looks like you, lying there in the dirt and there are flies everywhere -- that's how it felt. I was really nervous for that scene, too. I was kind of freaking out before I even saw the dead body. I had to get a full head prosthetic, but I told them I didn't want to see it until we shot the actual take. I was really psyching myself out before hand, and the reaction you see is real.

Were you told about Violet's fate in advance?
Nope! Absolutely not. But I had a feeling because of the hints they'd been giving. Violent hadn't been to school in two weeks! I knew some people knew the answer but they weren't allowed to tell me... When I read the script, I was like, "I totally called it." I ran to my mom and said, "Read this! Read this!" I was so excited, I screamed.

What were you told about Violet when you were first cast?
They didn't give much away. I didn't know too much about Violet when we started. I was learning about her as we went along. I was only a couple of scripts ahead of the audience. I will say I loved her immediately though. She had spunk to her, she had attitude. Normally, I don't really like horror stories or scary movies but I thought it was be cool to be on the other end of the camera and see how things actually work. Maybe I wouldn't be so scared. That didn't actually work, but it was a nice theory!

What can you say about the finale and how this will all end for the Harmons?
I was creeped out by the ending, especially the last act. It's really, really twisted.

Is there any chance that Violet could stick around for Season 2?
If they have talked about that, I wasn't let in on the discussion. I have no idea. I wanna know. I'm dying to know. But no one tells me anything. I have nothing to share. It bums me out.

What do you think is next for Violet and Tate? How do you exact revenge on a ghost?