Amber Tamblyn Amber Tamblyn

Looks like there'll be no more House calls for Amber Tamblyn. The actress will be checking out of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital at the end of the season to headline a pilot in which she'll play a public school teacher.

While attending the 32nd College Television awards, Tamblyn outlined the circumstances surrounding Dr. Martha Masters' departure. "She's going to potentially break one of her own rules in a very interesting way that is going to divide her," she said. "And it's going to break Masters a little bit, which will be really interesting to see because she's kind of been unbreakable."

Tamblyn said the door will be left open for her to return to House, but in the meantime she's teaming with an all-star assembly of TV creators for a new button-pushing series tailored for her.

"Katie Jacobs, who is the executive producer of House, approached me about this idea and I loved it," said Tamblyn. "Ed Burns, who is the co-creator of The Wire with David Simon, is writing it and we just sold the idea to Fox. Hopefully, we'll be making a pilot. It's about a young teacher set in the world of public education in America, which is kind of a touchy subject."

Tamblyn was thrilled that she got a chance to share screen time in House's 150th episode with the returning Olivia Wilde. "You mean Olivia Hottypants? I love that woman!" she said with a laugh. "I actually just texted her to make sure she's going to the wrap party tonight. I wish I had more screen time with her. We had a blast right off the bat. My boyfriend [David Cross] had worked with her before and I'd just heard nothing but amazing things so I knew we were going to get along just fine: cussing and talking about our butts. That's kind of what happened."

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