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Every Amazon Prime Day Deal Outlander Fans Need to Know About

Get out your credit cards, Sassenachs!

Megan Vick

Aye, Sassenenachs! It's been a hard droughtlander but there is reason to celebrate. While no official Outlander news has come, it is Amazon Prime Day and there are some great deals you need to know about.

What are you missing in your life to make sure you're living it to the fullest Outlander potential? TV Guide has gone through the list of Amazon deals to find the products that every Outlander fan could use to feel closer to Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) even when the show isn't on the air. Hurry! The sales end on July 17 for most products and sooner for others!

1. An Adventure Backpack

New Outlander Backpack, Amazon

True Outlander fans are always prone for adventure, which means you should have a sturdy bag to carry your medical supplies in and you might as well stay on brand, even if not officially.

2. First-Aid Kit

First-Aid kit, Amazon

Speaking of adventure, make sure to stay safe! An adventurer should always have a stocked First-Aid kid in case they encounter any roaming British soldiers or (spoiler alert) need to fend off any wild animals. You know Claire would never leave home without her surgical kit.

3.Face Cream

Face cream, Amazon

Want to look like you haven't aged a day in 20 years just like Claire and Jamie? Your moisturizer game needs to be on point then. Lily Ana Naturals also contains no Parabens, artificial colors or artificial fragrances and is great for all skin-types, which would make Claire happy to prescribe to keep those wrinkles away.

4. Sewing Machine

Sewing machine, Amazon

The ultimate sassenach should have a sewing machine in case there's a need to jump back to a new century and Macy's is out of 18th-Century colonial wear.

5. Beard Grooming Kit

Beard grooming kit, Amazon

This is for the cave dwellers that have ventured out for Amazon Prime Day. Even Cave Jamie came out once a month for a shave (though it didn't look like it). It's important to let that chiseled jaw see the world or at least let the world see that chiseled jaw, man.

6. Jewelry Cabinet Mirror

Jewelry cabinet mirror, Amazon

The lady of the house should have a good way of organizing her jewelry, whether it's precious gems for visiting important politicians and royalty, or a place to keep the locket your husband gave you when you first fell in love safe.

7. Moonlight Night Light

Moon night light, Amazon

This says it's for kids but it would actually be key in recreating a Scottish full moon that Jamie and Claire often fell asleep under as they discussed their plans to change the future together.

8. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader, Amazon

Last, but certainly not least, Amazon is offering $40 off its best e-reader, which is perfect for downloading the Outlander book series to make sure you are all caught up before Season 4 premieres in November.

TV guide may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products and services featured on this page.