Laura Mennell and Warren Christie, <i>Alphas</i> Laura Mennell and Warren Christie, Alphas

 Alphas' Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie) and Nina Theroux (Laura Mennell) have agreed to cool down their burgeoning romance. Actually doing so, though, may be easier said than done.

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"They both came to a realization that maybe stepping back was the best way to go for right now," Christie tells "But those feelings are underlying — they are always going to be there. We'll see them pop in and out as things go along."The duo will perhaps have to fight those feelings in Monday's episode (10/9c, Syfy) when Hicks and Nina go undercover to investigate an obstetrician (guest star Brent Spiner

), who is conducting a medical experiment that could be detrimental to all future Alphas, perhaps at the behest of Red Flag. That forces the team to bring an Alpha back to their offices, where all hell breaks loose, thanks to Lost's Rebecca Mader, who also guest-stars as a super-stealthy Alpha."The fact that it all takes place in this contained, trapped environment, gives it a really incredible feel the entire time," Christie says. "We have to bring an Alpha into our midst. There is no clear-cut good or bad, but the truth starts to unfold. We get back to the mythology of Red Flag and what their agenda might be. Then, at the end of the episode, we're going to get a piece of information that is going to bust things wide open."

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That reveal, Christie says, sets up the season's final two episodes, which offer even more answers about Red Flag and the Binghamton research facility before building to an ambitious cliff-hanger. (Syfy has already ordered a second season.)Along the way, however, Christie says Hicks' initial hesitation in joining the team may be revisited. "He has his questions," Christie says. "There are things that are going to come up that rattle his faith a little bit. We've seen him slowly let down the walls and let people in and become part of the team. Those things are going to be shaken up. His relationships will be tested as we go along."And what does that mean for him and Nina? "I think you've got two damaged people in these situations of heightened intensity and they found each other along the way," Christie says. "Nothing is going to happen smoothly. It's not going to be this beautiful, easy, wonderful relationship. I think that they have grown to care for each other and a relationship may [be possible]. But we'll have to see where it goes."Alphas airs Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.