Parminder Nagra, Alcatraz Parminder Nagra, Alcatraz

Finally, Rebecca (Sarah Jones) and Diego (Jorge Garcia) know almost as much as the Alcatraz audience!

After Rebecca ponders what life would be like if she could hit the reset button, the pair finally learned about the colloidal silver, and that Lucy (Parminder Nagra) is... one of the '63s! Oh, and Lucy finally woke up from her coma, thanks to the blood of a '63 named Webb Porter (Rami Malek), a former patient of Lucille's who suffered from a ringing in his ears that drove him insane. Those are just a few of the new mysteries that Alcatraz introduced this week. Let's take a look at the others:

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Why does Hauser (Sam Neill) only clue Rebecca and Diego in once they've deduced something themselves?
He's been keeping them in the dark for most of the season, only providing them information when they've pretty much already figured it out themselves — which was the case in this week's episode once again. After finding out about the colloidal silver in a suspect's blood, it was only then that Hauser revealed the suspect was one of theirs.

Why does Beauregard (Leon Rippy) care about Lucy now?
When talking to Hauser about how she's slipping away from them, Beauregard seemed to show genuine concern. What happened between his days of being jealous of Lucille back in the '60s to now when he really cares about her?

Why isn't Beauregard allowed to see the light of day?
He mentioned that he hasn't seen the blue sky in a long time. If he's working with Hauser, why hasn't he been allowed to go outside? Even Lucy got to leave the lab, although she was shot when she did.

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Why is Hauser being so hard on Rebecca?
Was the pressure of Lucy possibly dying getting to him? Or is there a more sinister reason?

How are there paperwork, instruments and films still in the music room?
When Alcatraz closed down, shouldn't that stuff have been tossed out, or at least moved to the room that's holding all the prisoner's possessions?

If Lucille had "fixed" Webb Porter, why did he come back and kill a bunch of women?
Porter was driven crazy by the ringing in his ears, which caused him to kill not only his mother — to be fair, she tried to drown him when he was young, which caused the ringing — and multiple other women. That's how he ended up in Alcatraz, but Lucille was able to fix his issue by essentially putting a violin in his hand and sending him off. Did Beauregard tamper with him after that, causing him to kill women in the present?

Does Hauser's mystery piano-playing friend know about the '63s?
When Emerson was attempting to track down whichever '63 this was, he noted to his friend that the person had a "very good disguise." Could that mean more people than just the task force know there are prisoners returning? 

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Now that Lucy is awake, will the mystery behind the '63s finally be revealed?
While she didn't offer up much in the way of answers in the first few episodes, Lucy is apparently the key to everything according to Rebecca.

How will Lucy be changed now that she has the blood in her system?
We know that not every returning '63 has the colloidal silver in their blood, and certainly Lucy didn't have it otherwise she wouldn't have healed sooner. What will happen to Lucy now that she has it in her system?

Fun fan theory: "I think all these experiments are the beginnings of the Dharma Initiative." —vjw1218

(Careful what you wish for! "It's Desmond from Lost," co-creator Steven Lilien joked to at WonderCon about what's behind the door downstairs. In all seriousness, this is who is behind that door.)

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The two-hour season finale of Alcatraz airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox.