Sarah Jones and David Hoflin Sarah Jones and David Hoflin

Spectacular. Kinetic. Breathtaking. These are just a few of the words that the cast and creative minds of Alcatraz used to describe the two-hour season finale of the Fox mystery series, airing Monday at 8/7c. The season-ender finds Rebecca (Sarah Jones) finally confronting Tommy (David Hoflin), while the team comes one step closer to discovering who's behind the mass disappearance that sent more than 300 guards and prisoners from 1963 into the future. Get the scoop on the finale below:

Alcatraz Exclusive: Crimson Tide's Matt Craven to play one of the powers that be

1. Tommy vs. Rebecca: Rebecca and her ageless grandfather will finally come face-to-face after a spectacular car chase — said to pay homage to Steve McQueen's Bullitt. Before that though, "We find out a little more about Tommy's involvement in the big picture that makes us go, 'Wait a minute,' and that leads to the hunt down," Jorge Garcia says. (Though Tommy seems to be on the losing end in this promo, Rebecca looks way worse for wear here.)

2. The mystery door: As first reported, Crimson Tide's Matt Craven will play a new character who happens to be behind the mysterious door downstairs. Whether he's actually the Warden's boss remains to be seen. "The interesting part between the warden and that person is who truly has the power," co-creator Steven Lilien says. "It's their own power struggle for what may be happening. He actually will provide us with some really big answers, which will launch us into Season 2." The good news: The door will be opened in the season finale. The bad news: There's also a third power player in the game.

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3. The '63s' return: "They're not coming back at the same time, and I think they all expected to come back together," teases executive producer Daniel Pyne. "They didn't really know how it was going to work, and the way it worked was they've come back at different times. If they couldn't predict how they were going to come back, then they can't really predict a lot of other things about coming back and what happens." Also, look for the final hour to reveal the origins of the mysterious blood and the colloidal silver. 

4. Doc's inadequacies: After believing that he knew everything about the Rock, Diego has spent much of the season discovering, well, that he didn't really know anything. "He's dealing with it," Garcia says. "I have a great moment in the two-hour finale where he's resigned to the fact that, 'Of course something's going to happen contrary to anything that I know about because everything that's happening to me, I'm discovering, is contrary to everything I thought was true.'"

5. The '63s' mission: Some of the '63s have returned intending to carry out certain missions, like Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) hunting down the silver key and Ernest Cobb (Joe Egender) shooting Lucy (Parminder Nagra). "You'll start to understand there are people helping them," co-creator Bryan Wynbrandt says. "The final two episodes will answer the questions of why they're coming back and doing the things they're doing, what is at stake and what's behind all of their actions thus far. Some of them come back with specific instructions and some don't." Adds Lilien: "Some '63s are chosen very specifically, and we'll see that with Tommy Madsen."

Exclusive Alcatraz Video: Rebecca finally confronts Tommy in epic car chase

6. Hauser (Sam Neill) and Lucy's reunion: Now that Lucy has awoken from her coma, the star-crossed lovers will finally reunite, but don't expect the two-hour finale to showcase their first reunion after the mass disappearance — that's something the producers are planning for later, should the series get renewed. "We talk about it a lot, and how it happened," executive producer Jennifer Johnson says. "Them reuniting in the present day, which would probably be about six to eight months ago, we'll hear the story at some point."

7. Rebecca's past: The mystery of what happened to her parents will be touched upon in the finale. Interestingly enough, Tommy will be the one who broaches the subject. "You'll definitely get some information about Rebecca's parents," Wynbrandt says. "It's an interesting question that asks bigger questions."

The two-hour season finale of Alcatraz airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox.