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Annie Wilson has already killed a man — who can forget the "Kansas skank" breakdown that led to it? — and gotten involved with a drug-dealing psycho. Now, she's interning for a woman who would love to make little Annies of her own. Will Annie defy her mom and sell her eggs to her boss? Or is this really the end of Annie's bad judgment? Shenae Grimes talked to about Annie's precious eggs, where Jasper went and how long Liam fans will have to put with up Charlie. In last week's episode, Annie agreed not to sell her eggs. But is she going to help out her desperate boss anyway?
Um, well, that is a dead issue. It was kind of a really random thing. I mean, I know people who this has happened to, so it was relevant... I definitely understand that it's a current issue. But, yeah, that kind of happened to Annie, and then it disappears [laughs]. That's the end of that. You won't see me selling my eggs down the line — I don't think, anyway. You never know with 90210.

90210's Trevor Donovan: Teddy's Internal Struggles Will Fuel More External Outbursts So does that mean Annie's internship is kaput too?
Grimes: That was lending to the eggs storyline, so I don't know if that really continues either? It's funny, our writers get really into these stories that come up and whatever, but as I'm sure you've connected, some of them just kind of end. Like so many fans have tweeted at me, "Where the hell did Jasper go?" And that was my No. 1 question, too, going into the new season. "What happened? Did Liam go to jail for beating Jasper up? Is Jasper still alive? Is he coming back to haunt me again? What's going on?" So, yeah, it's the fantastical world of television, ladies and gentlemen. People come and go, and sometimes there will be consequences and sometimes there won't. Maybe the writers thought we all deserved a break from Jasper.
Grimes: Yeah, you know what? They were probably like, "Screw it. We don't need to tie it up. We'll just give Annie a break." Why did the ending of last season change? Annie was supposed to have been exonerated from running over the homeless man... but she wound up truly being guilty of it.
Yet another fun fact that our writers didn't fill us in on before we all started running our mouths! Basically, what happened is that Teddy's father, played by Ryan O'Neal, was supposed to come in and take the onus off of Annie. I don't know if you remember this far back, but in the original finale of Season 1, when I hit the guy, you see a car pull up at the end. In the premiere of Season 2, we pick up that it was Teddy's car that pulled up right after I hit the guy. What was supposed to happen was Teddy going back to save his dad's ass and make sure there was no evidence because it was his dad who killed the guy while driving drunk. But then Ryan O'Neal  wasn't going to be on the show anymore, so that changed and Annie's ass got probation. Probation! For killing a guy! Were you worried about jail time?
Grimes: I was a little nervous. One of the executive producers had e-mailed me before the finale, and all it said was "Hi Shenae... I want to talk to you about the ending of Season 2." I was so terrified. She told me they re-wrote the ending so it is actually Annie who killed the guy. I just thought, "Oh my God, this is it. I'm going away to jail for like a season!" But later she said, "Don't worry, you're not going anywhere. This won't change anything for your character, we're still starting off on a fresh note." All I could think was, "Can you never send me an e-mail that way again?" I literally thought I was going to get written into jail.

On-Set Report: 90210's West Bev Boys Work It a la Chippendales Instead, you're caught between two boys!
Yes, there is a lot of boy drama! My new boyfriend on the show, Charlie, is played by Evan Ross, who is a good friend of mine in real life as well. He's one of the first people I started hanging out with when I first moved to L.A., I met him through mutual friends and we just clicked. He's one of the most down to earth people I've met in L.A. Charlie's already kind of shady. Is he going to be around much longer?
Evan and I were wondering about that. We're not really sure. He's still around, and we're filming episode 10 right now. Originally, he was signed for seven episodes, but I think they were digging our chemistry so they extended it for a few more, but the end of his character is yet to be seen. Does that mean Liam and Annie will prevail?
That's an open end. As of right now, Annie is torn and I think that's going to go on for a little while longer. She does really like Charlie, but Liam (Matt Lanter) is just so brooding and adorable.

90210's Matt Lanter reveals Who will give Liam a run for Annie's love You just directed your first music video, "Myself and I," with a cameo from Ryan Eggold. It's a song you wrote and perform. Do you want to do more music? Or directing?
Singing is definitely not my forte. I'll put that out there on the record. Don't worry, I know I can't sing and it's not about that [laughs].

I've always been too intimidated to write dialogue, so for my directorial debut I thought it would be best to write lyrics to a poem that told a story. From there, Ryan, who is an amazing musician, set the music to a song I could write a treatment for. For my first time as a director, I thought it was almost better for me to not have to fumble with words and really work on conveying my story and my vision through imagery... I got to play with the technical side of things, which is a whole new experience for me being behind the camera. It was amazing. I definitely want to continue directing. You were also in Gun Size Matters, a Web clip that's received more than 1.6 million hits on YouTube. Why'd you get involved with that?  
Grimes: It was pretty random. I recently signed with a new manager, and the company he works for, The Collective, represents the top YouTube dudes... Freddie Wong, who made the video, is stupid talented, and he has an amazing sense of humor. I thought it was a great chance to showcase my kind of ironic, sarcastic sense of humor. And I thought, why not look a little bad-ass while doing it? Is there anything you can tell us about your role in Scream 4?
Grimes: I did film it. I can say absolutely nothing. I wish I could because it's so good. It's just a cameo I did with Lucy Hale. I grew up on the Scream films, and Neve Campbell is a fellow Canadian so I really looked up to her. It was pretty wild to have things come full circle like that. 

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