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Filming this week's episode of 90210 was hard on the boys. Michael Steger didn't sleep. Blair Redford's first reaction was a depressed sigh. Tristan Wilds said the rehearsals were crazy.

Wearing only a pair of firemen pants and suspenders, Matt Lanter lowered his voice between takes on set in Long Beach and confided, "I can't say I'm going to be upset when this day is over."

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But, oh, gentleviewers, they did it all for you. And by "all," I mean performing a striptease-esque dance on stage to the tune of Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning" for tonight's episode.

The number is all in the name of charity, of course. "In this episode, we're doing a bachelor auction," Lanter explains. "Silver is selling us off for a cancer benefit. And we have this nice little dance that we get to do. In firemen outfits. With no shirts." Only Teddy (Trevor Donovan) was saved from participating.

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Getting the scene right involved dozens of takes. Hips were ordered to swivel harder. Coats were ripped off repeatedly in front of swooning girls. When AnnaLynne McCord arrived to be part of the audience, she was impressed by her co-stars.

"It's heaven. Beautiful men running around in firemen outfits dancing for me. Everything turned into a haze, and then I was off in a fantasy dreaming ," said McCord, who plays Naomi. "I kept running into the boys all week and they kept going, 'Oh, I have to do dance rehearsal on my off days.' I say if dance rehearsal on an off day is what they had to do to prepare for this, it's so worth it."

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The actors were good sports, even while some of them were visibly uncomfortable walking around in faux firemen gear. TVGuide.com was around to ask each of them about how they felt on the day  of their dancing debut, premiering Monday at 8/7c on the CW:

Steger (Navid): "I got like three hours sleep last night. I had such anxiety over this dance. I wanted to get it right. They handled it like boot camp. We rehearsed it for 6-8 hours straight. I had trouble with the hip shakes. It was hard. I wanted to laugh. ... I watched our rehearsal video like 20 times at home. And then I slept on it hoping osmosis would work on me. I've never really danced like this before. They're having us do some serious Chippendales action. Not everybody is capable of that, or comfortable. But I'm looking at it like it'll be great for the sake of comedy."

Lanter (Liam): "We rehearsed for two days, so it's been a process. It's very Thunder from Down Under. I think all the girls are going to like it. We'll just swallow our pride. There are pelvic thrusts galore ... We got a bunch of cheering ladies out there and we're pelvic-thrusting down the catwalk. Good times."

Wilds (Dixon): "We have a lot of people around us making us look better, so it's cool. The rehearsal was crazy. I mean,  it was fun. The moves seemed fairly easy to learn. It was sort of strenuous at times. But now I can do this dance in my sleep, I think I did do it in my sleep last night, which is why I didn't get any sleep."

Redford (Oscar): "Uh, it's not really my forte, doing the whole synchronized dancing firemen on stage. It's not something I've ever prepared for. My first reaction was probably a depressed sigh. I probably looked at the ground and shook my head. But then when I found out it was for charity on the show and it wasn't, you know, real, I felt a little bit better. I felt like it was something I could pull off. No, I'm kidding. This is really my dream. This is the pinacle. What more can you ask when you're ripping off firemen clothes?"

Check out the boys in action in this preview: