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13 Reasons Why Fans Really Hate Ani

Who can blame them?

Amanda Bell

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Season 3. Read at your own risk!]

13 Reasons Why fans are not happy about the newest addition to the Liberty High gang, Ani Achola (Grace Saif).

The character, who was also a narrator, arrived as a series newcomer and met Clay (Dylan Minnette) upon her arrival, but she also tried to humanize Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) all season and even slept with him, despite being warned about who he really was -- a rapist who'd attacked at least two other classmates. Ani arrived at Liberty High just after the Spring Fling, where Tyler (Devin Druid) almost committed mass murder. With relative ease, she made her way into the inner circle of Clay's friends group, but it became obvious that she was really great at keeping secrets, like how close she was to Bryce while she and her mother lived at the Walker house.

13 Reasons Why Star Justin Prentice Says There's No Redemption for Bryce

The investigation into Bryce's murder -- by police and students alike -- was the theme of 13 Reasons Why's third season, but it was Ani's behavior that really got people talking on social media this weekend upon release of Season 3. And these might be divisive times, but fans all seem to agree that Ani is terrible.

Of course, Ani wasn't the only one to make an impact for weekend streamers.

Fellow newcomer Winston (Deaken Bluman), who is a student at Bryce's school and has an intriguing -- and revelatory -- relationship with Monty (TimothyGranaderos) was the subject of many, many thirst tweets after his arrival to 13 Reasons Why.

And just like that, the internet has a new boyfriend.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.