10:00 pm Poor Bobbi Kristina. She had to trick Uncle Tommy into taking her to the mall to get her mama a Mothers Day gift, but all she really wanted was some ice cream.
10:01 The close-up of Bobbi Kris eating her ice cream is making me hungry.
10:02 Whitney says her first "Hell to the no!" but this time she adds the words "Its a" beforehand. For some reason, she does not want to be around the kids on Mothers Day.
10:04 Whitney doesnt allow the valet to open her door and insists that Bobby do it. Its her day.
10:06 Bobby gets his way; Whitney agrees to go to the resort. What concerns me is that every year on Mothers Day, we take our mom (Joan) out to eat and she always looks her very best. Joans hair is always exquisite  its her day. Whitney, however, has unruly hair on Mothers Day.
10:17 After saying he's "an excellent driver," Bobby almost crashes into a pillar.
10:20 Within just a few minutes, Bobby goes from cooking to playing golf with the family to drag racing.
10:21 Bobby burps/almost throws up in his mouth a little. Pretty.
10:22 Whitney tells Bobby that "the kids are scary."
10:26 The promo for Battle of the Network Reality Stars airs. Omarosa, Richard Hatch, Evan Marriott, Trishelle, Charla and many others "fight for their 15 minutes." Three words: Cant ****ing wait.
10:27 Bobby, Whitney and kids turn into the happiest family in the world. In the final three minutes, you could play a drinking game in which you drink every time Bobby says "Happy Mothers Day" and "I love you."

Next week on Being Bobby Brown: Bobby and Whitney are staying at yet another hotel. Will they ever go home?  Dave Anderson

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