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Worth Winning Reviews

Mark Harmon plays Taylor Worth, a selfish stud who's left a trail of broken hearts through Philadelphia. When Worth bets his best friend (Mark Blum) that he can get three women to accept Worth's proposal of marriage (on videotape) within three months, the selected trio includes a bitchy concert pianist (Madeleine Stowe), a virginal blonde who works as a receptionist for the Philadelphia Eagles (Maria Holvoe), and a wealthy, oversexed housewife (Lesley Ann Warren). Of course, Worth gets each to succumb before his sneaky camera, and, of course, the three women later join forces to exact their revenge. Finally (of course), he learns the meaning of true love and resolves to give up philandering. Unfortunately, Worth's redemption, as scripted, is never convincing; in fact, WORTH WINNING establishes his vapid egotism so thoroughly that it's hard to imagine any woman wanting him around for more than one night, let alone for life. This thoroughly botched film succeeds only in offering further evidence that Hollywood has forgotten how to make what was once a stock-in-trade: the sharp, sexy, well-crafted romantic comedy.