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The Magnificent Seven Ride! Reviews

This film, the last and worst sequel to THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, which was released in 1960 (the others were RETURN OF THE SEVEN, 1966, and GUNS OF THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, 1969), stars Van Cleef (who replaced Yul Brynner), now married and the marshal of a small town. When psycho-punk Larson robs a bank, shoots and wounds Van Cleef, and then kidnaps, rapes, and kills Van Cleef's wife, Hartley, Van Cleef decides to accept an assignment that will require him to rescue some widowed white women from a band of vicious Mexican bandits. To do this he assembles eastern newspaper reporter Callan and five tough convicts (yeah, it adds up to seven) to ride in and mop up the Mexicans. Climactic shootout is handled well enough to maintain some interest.