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Solo Reviews

Mindless entertainment for the end of the summer, with emphasis on the mindless. As an android soldier on the run from military mad dogs who consider his reluctance to slaughter unarmed civilians a serious design flaw, Mario Van Peebles -- pumped, buffed and polished to within an inch of his life -- does his best to breathe life into this formulaic sci-fi action picture. It's not enough. Though ostensibly adapted from a sci-fi novel, the picture seems cobbled together from various other (mostly better) movies, notably THE TERMINATOR, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER and FRANKENSTEIN with healthy doses of THE SEVEN SAMURAI, SAMSON AND DELILAH and APOCALYPSE NOW thrown in for good measure. The potentially provocative issues of race and class inherent in the story of an African-American automaton (read: slave) sent by white military authorities to kill Latin American peasants are scrupulously ignored.