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Non-Stop New York Reviews

Lee (at the time, director Stevenson's wife) plays a London chorus girl who accidentally gets involved with gangsters. A hobo is accused of murder, but Lee can provide him with an alibi. Consequently, the mob frames her for a robbery, and she is sent to prison. Upon her release she discovers the police are looking for a missing witness in the murder case. She comes forward, but her story isn't believed. Still chased by the gang, she stows away on a transatlantic flight to New York. The gangsters knock out the pilots and parachute from the plane. A crash is averted because of the heroics of Loder, a detective who's been following Lee. Her name is cleared and the murder case is solved. Naturally, Lee and Loder fall in love. Silly, routine fare, though competently told and nicely acted. At the time, transatlantic passenger planes were still three years away, thus the film could be considered a futuristic melodrama.