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24 Hours in a Woman's Life Reviews

Darrieux, a widow, returns from a holiday in Italy and relates what happened as she sits with some friends. After a piano recital, she got caught in a rainstorm. She boarded the wrong boat, ending up in Switzerland. While waiting for the next boat, she killed time in a casino and met Hoffmann, a young German who had just lost all his money. She followed him, and the two spent the night together. The next morning, she left a note to arrange a rendezvous with him. Hoffmann deliberately came late, but he spent the afternoon walking with Darrieux in the woods. He explained that he was a deserter from the German army and a compulsive gambler as well. Darrieux offered to pay his debts and the cost of passage for him to Zurich, on the condition that he never gamble again. He agreed. Later, she decided to go with him but missed his train. She spent the evening wandering about the places the two had been together and was shocked to find that Hoffmann had returned to the gambling tables. When she confronted him, he shoved money into her hands, insulted her, and sent her off.