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See how readers rank the remaining dancers

Shaun Harrison
1 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jason Glover

Tavis Wall's amazing contemporary piece gave him a temporary reprieve last week. Even if Jason continues to turn in great performances, the rest of the field is so strong that his days are likely numbered.
2 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Melissa Sandvig

It might be time for this naughty ballerina to hang up her point shoes. Although Melissa excels at almost every style she's given, the other girls are either more popular with viewers or are stronger dancers. That said, we'll miss her fiercely when she takes her last bow.
3 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Ade Obayomi (tie)

One of the strongest male dancers in the competition, Ade has somehow fallen out of favor with voters. He's got to be even more amazing (if that's possible) to win back votes. He's in great company though, so he shouldn't be too upset if he has to say goodbye.
4 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Kayla Radomski (tie)

After a very strong start, excessive praise by the judges and a few minor missteps may have led Kayla to peak too early. If she continues to be humble and dance her heart out, it's possible that she'll make it to the end. Doubtful, but possible.
5 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Janette Manrara

Continuing to gain popularity each week, this little firecracker from Miami is about to set it off. Janette's proven herself to be versatile and fun. Now all we need to see is a little more technical excellence.
6 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Jeanine Mason

There doesn't seem to be a style she can't conquer, and now she's conquered viewers hearts as well. Jeanine dazzles us in her solos and excites us in her new partnerships. If she continues to shine, she'll be one of the last dancers standing.
7 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Brandon Bryant

Everyone knows he's a brilliant dancer, but what seems to endear him to viewers is his humility and willingness to attack every single style he's given. If Brandon's given a contemporary piece choreographed by Mia or Travis, we should see something truly amazing from this accomplished dancer.
8 of 8 Mathieu Young/Fox

Evan Kasprzak

There must be something about Evan that people adore. He is back in the No. 1 position, which is surprising, considering waltzes tend to be a difficult dance for viewers to support. Not only is he proficient in every single style he tries, but if he can include humor in his piece, viewers seems to love him even more.