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An introduction to your Pan Am flight crew

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Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Today on the Clipper Majestic your in-flight entertainment will be Pan Am, a glamorous period drama Before you recline your seat and sip that tiny vodka, be sure to check out this handy guide of who's who in the Pan Am flight crew. They will be ushering you through your journey into 1960s history and pop culture on Sunday nights at 10/9c on ABC.
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Dean Lowery (Mike Vogel), The Upstart

"Dean is a pilot thrust into leadership," series creator Jack Orman says. "There's a whole wave of them that came on in the early '60s that were called the new hires and throughout their careers they were referred to as the new hires even when they were there 20-30 years. Most of the guys who were flying these planes were in their mid-40s and above and a lot of them came out of World War II ... So he becomes the youngest pilot in the Pan Am fleet and has to not only be the captain of this brand-new 707 but really take on the mantle and the burden of the whole crew and deal with his peers."
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Maggie Ryan (Christina Ricci), The Dreamer

"She has a very American backstory, coming from very little and really making something of herself," Christina Ricci says. "She's a dreamer, really using those dreams and all the smarts that she has available to herself to really make herself what you see ultimately." Orman added, "One of the things that I think is exciting about the character in the era is that Maggie has a strong sense of ambition without being able to define it as ambition."
4 of 7 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Laura Cameron (Margot Robbie), The Rookie

"After running away from her marriage, Laura joins her sister and Pan Am. It's her first year," Ricci says. "She's such a beauty that she is photographed for Life magazine as the face of Pan Am and all of a sudden she sort of rises very quickly in the ranks. So she's very new and very wide-eyed and seeing the world for the first time and relying very heavily on her sister. Also, Maggie, my character, kind of takes her under her wing."
5 of 7 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Kate Cameron (Kelli Garner), The Spy

"Kate, Laura's older sister, has always sort of lived under the shadow of her beauty-queen younger sister, but in our story is actually recruited ... by the CIA to spy," explains Ricci. "She’d be a spy under the cover of her job, so Pan Am is finally her chance to show her value as an individual and how special she is above and beyond her sister." Orman adds, "There’s problems in her personal life and her professional life as a result of the espionage."
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Colette Valois (Karine Vanasse), The Romantic

"Colette is our French stewardess," Ricci says. "She is the romantic of the group and I would say she’s the wisest of us and had been through a lot in her life and is sort of looking quietly for love and connection."
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Ted Vanderway (Michael Mosley), The Runner-Up

"One of Dean's peers is Ted, who is his first officer," says Orman. "There’s a certain amount of conflict that happens because Dean jumped to the front of the line, [but] they’re good friends. Ted was a Navy test pilot who had dreams of being in the space program and those were thwarted because of an accident. He finds a new home in Pan Am but he's still waiting in line while Dean is flying the plane."