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Past winners, judges and fan favorites share their most memorable moments

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After 11 seasons, America's Next Top Model has seen hundreds of wannabe cover girls, dozens of over-the-top photo shoots and more than its share of drama. TVGuide.com caught up with some of your favorite winners, judges and fan favorites from the reality competition to find out what their most memorable moments are from Top Model history.
2 of 13 Jim DeYonker/The CW; Oxygen


Whitney (Cycle 10, Winner)"My most memorable moment was when the girls were being suspended in the air and this little blonde girl was crying her eyes out. Every time one of the girls freak out is a great moment."
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Bre (Cycle 5)

"I won't forget the granola-bar fight. I've had bouquets of granola bars sent to my house after the show! It doesn't go away."
4 of 13 Oxygen, Jason Kempin/WireImage.com


Rebecca (Cycle 4)"It has to be the judging sequence when I fainted — and I can't live that one down! So obviously that stands out in my memory."
5 of 13 Oxygen, Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.com


Joanie (Cycle 6, Runner-Up)"I think it's when Elyse (Cycle 1) got into the confessional booth and told everybody what she really thought of them. It was the most honest moment I've ever seen on reality television."
6 of 13 James Wade/The CW; Jason Kempin/WireImage.com


Heather (Cycle 9)"I think it was in the beginning of my cycle, when we were all able to play in the sand where we could kick back and make sand castles and look for seashells. It was really a lot of fun."
7 of 13 The CW, Jason Kempin/WireImage.com


Saleisha (Cycle 9, Winner)"I won't ever forget when I won. It was a life-changing experience. I'm traveling, happy and have plans to go to South Africa for work!"
8 of 13 The CW, Oxygen


Amis (Cycle 10)"I don't think anyone will forget when Lisa (Cycle 5) pees in a diaper. It was pretty epic. That would have to be the most outstanding moment — and, of course, everything I was in too."
9 of 13 Jim DeYonker/The CW; Oxygen


Analeigh (Cycle 11)"My last elimination sticks out because it was so sad but such an incredible growing moment. Now I'm acting and signed with an agency in L.A."
10 of 13 Russell James/The CW, Oxygen


Sam (Cycle 11, Runner-Up)"The most amazing moment was seeing Marjorie (Cycle 11) get in the bathtub with all those guys. No one saw it coming. That was pretty good stuff!"
11 of 13 James Wade/The CW, Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic.com


Bianca (Cycle 9)"I remember being 16 years old and watching Tyra yell at Tiffany (Cycle 4) — it was so scary! I thought she was so sweet and innocent, and for her to get that loud, it was like a mom yelling at her kid — and I know how that feels!"
12 of 13 Eric Liebowitz/The CW, Jason Kempin/WireImage.com


Nigel (Judge)"As the longest standing judge on Top Model, we've had some crazy panels, but working with Nolé were some of the funniest. He would come out with some of the most unbelievably obnoxious, rude and funny comments at once."
13 of 13 Eric Liebowitz/The CW, Mike Coppola/FilmMagic.com

Ms. Jay (Judge)"I think my favorite moment is about me — my Afros and my outfits."