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Haunting of Hill House Ghosts that Should Come Back for Season 2

The ghosts in Haunting of Hill House were freaky

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Haunting of Hill House's Most Mysterious Ghosts

Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House was an engrossing thriller series that managed to blend traditional jumpscares with thought-provoking character development as it followed the Crain family through the haunting of their childhood abode and the resulting trauma that informed their adult lives. Even though we know Season 2, titled The Haunting of Bly Manor, will take us far away from the first season's spooky locale, these mysterious ghosts will continue to haunt us.

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This creepy bed hoverer

The bent-neck lady wasn't the only wraith to torment young Nell. In the show's very first episode, after she's told to ignore the soul spillage go back to sleep, a creepy boy poltergeist decides to float along and leave us with all kinds of questions about him.

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The dude hidden behind the stairs

Before we meet anyone else in the whole show, we're introduced to this eerie individual staring at us through the staircase. Who is it? Why is he or she the first person of Hill House we ever see? Why don't we know more?!

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The guy who cuddled with Theo

WHO. WAS. THAT. (Shudder.)

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The ghost in the basement

It's pretty rare when any of these no-name ghosts actually interact with the Crains, but whoever -- or whatever -- got Luke so spooked after he played around with that dumbwaiter (emphasis on dumb) really needed some further exposition pronto.

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The ghoul from the garden

We know that little Abigail Dudley ended up being a living person, rather than a specter or some figment of Luke's imagination, but who's this guy? Why's he hanging out there? Aren't these things supposed to be contained to the house itself? How did he get a daylight pass? Sadly, we'll probably never know.

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The girl with all the hair

Man alive, the Hill House has claimed a lot of souls over the years. This one looks particularly young, so there has to be a fascinating story there. We'll just have to leave it up to our own imaginations, it seems.

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The lurker

Who is this guy, and why he is so clear? Is it weird that he kinda looks cute from the half we can see?

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The piano poltergeist

Why is this thing hiding in such a defensive posture like these two little girls are about to do something to it? Who hurt you, little ghost?

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William Hill

This ghost really has a story to tell. First of all, there's his obsession with Luke and getting even for him stealing the bowling hat. He was a kid! Why torment him for the rest of his already-troubled life, jack! Then, there's the fact that his body is found some half-century after his death buried beneath the bricks -- and he obviously had second thoughts about the whole thing. There's a lot more to his story, and we wish we could hear it. Alas.

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Little boy Hill

What we do know about this little scamp is that he was bound to a wheelchair and couldn't talk in his lifetime, so he banged on walls to communicate with his folks -- hence what the kids heard in the show. What we don't know is how he's so nonchalant about running into still-flesh folks and why he continues to dress like the scamp from The Secret Garden or why wraiths can't walk even in the afterlife. Not fair!

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The cop creeper

This ghost isn't afraid to lay her hands on a lawman, and, honestly, we just needed to know more.

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Poppy Hill

In her much more lifelike form, Poppy Hill is seen sashaying her way into Olivia's life and basically trying to convince her to kill her kids so that they can become ghosts that live forever -- er, at least however long the house stands. But when Luke catches up to the place in his 30s, Poppy looks a little worse for the wear. How did she pull off such a pristine visage before? And why did she die at such a young age to begin with? There's a lot to learn about her sordid history with the Hills, that's for sure.

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The random lurkers

These guys are just kinda hanging out like they just want to be part of the family, and you know what? Maybe they deserve to, we don't know.

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The clock repairman

Steven thought he'd never seen a ghost before, until his father alerted him that the clock repairman was never actually there. Hugh proves as much by pointing out that the repairs couldn't be done on-site like this, which means we're not only seeing a ghost here, but a very confused one who likes wasting his time at that. Why does he look like the long-lost Super Mario Bro. got adopted by the Picasso family?

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The ghost that was, like, right there

This dude didn't even try to hide, and we kind of want to know why. Do ghosts have guts? Like, are there some ghosts that are just braver and more gregarious than others?

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The ghost who was messing with Olivia's hair

Granted, it was an emotionally charged moment here, but how did noone notice this was happening? And why can't we see this ghost, like we can with the others? This is some spooky stuff, you guys.

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Aunt Hazel

Hazel has some stories to tell, and we are beyond ready to listen to all the tea being spilled about all the Hill family histrionics. Here's holding out hope for a Hill family prequel somewhere down the line!