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Every Episode of Game of Thrones, Ranked

Binge-watching the HBO classic? Find out which episode is No. 1!

Every Episode of Game of Thrones, Ranked
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Every Episode of Game of Thrones, Ranked

It has been 10 years since Game of Thrones introduced millions of new fans to the fantasy world created by George R.R. Martin. Set in the fictional land of Westeros, the 2011-2019 HBO series, featuring Emilia ClarkeKit Harington, and Sophie Turner, produced 73 epic (and not-so-epic) episodes about the Starks, the Lannisters, and the battle for the Iron Throne, and to celebrate the anniversary, we are ranking those episodes from worst to best.

From masterpieces such as "Hardhome" and "Winds of Winter" to the not-so-great in"Eastwatch" and "Breaker of Chains," the show's tales are all worthy of a second (or third) look.

And if you want to binge the series all over again, every episode of Game of Thrones is now available on HBO Max

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73. "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" (S5E06)

The worst episode in the series features the wedding between Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton.

Memorable moment: We all know what Ramsay does to Sansa... and how fans felt about it afterward.

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72. "Breaker of Chains" (S4E03)

In the aftermath of the Purple Wedding, Sansa escapes King's Landing, and Tyrion Lannister awaits his trial for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon.

Memorable moment: Daario Naharis kills Meereen's champion without breaking a sweat in an otherwise slow episode.

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71. "Eastwatch" (S7E05)

Tyrion, an incredibly intelligent man, comes up with the idiotic idea to capture a wight and present it to Cersei Lannister to prove that the army of the dead exists.

Memorable moment: Randall and Dickon Tarly are burned by Drogon.

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70. "The Gift" (S5E07)

In this entry that sets the scene for the epic "Hardhome" episode, Sansa pleads for help from Reek, while Cersei is imprisoned by the Faith Militant.

Memorable moment: When Cersei tries to leave her meeting with the High Sparrow, she's locked in a cell by a group of Septas.

6 of 74 HBO

69. "The Prince of Winterfell" (S2E08)

In the episode prior to fan favorite "Blackwater," two not-dumb characters make incredibly stupid moves; Robb arrests his mom and Cersei kidnaps the wrong person altogether.

Memorable moment: Arya Stark persuades Jaqen H'ghar to help her escape Harrenhal.

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68. "The House of Black and White" (S5E02)

Jon Snow is elected the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and Arya starts her looooong quest to become "no one" in Braavos.

Memorable moment: A public execution in Meereen leads to a riot between former masters and slaves.

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67. "The Broken Man" (S6E07)

After being stabbed by the Waif, Arya is left for dead. And Sandor "The Hound" Clegane seeks revenge on the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Memorable moment: In an otherwise depressing episode, Lady Lyanna Mormont bursts onto the scene with an episode-stealing appearance as she pledges her family's allegiance to Jon and the Starks.

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66. "Beyond the Wall" (S7E06)

In a plan that makes absolutely no sense, Jon, the Hound, Jorah Mormont and others venture beyond the Wall to capture a wight.

Memorable moment: The Night King -- with his incredibly accurate arm -- throws an ice javelin that kills Viserion, who is later resurrected as a wight dragon.

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65. "A Man Without Honor" (S2E07)

Daenerys Targaryen learns her stolen dragons are at the House of the Undying, and Theon Greyjoy continues his ill-fated rule over Winterfell.

Memorable moment: The only incredible moment from the episode is Pyat Pree magically multiplying himself and then killing eleven members of the Thirteen.

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64. "Valar Dohaeris" (S3E01)

In the Season 3 premiere, Jon meets Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. And Daenerys considers purchasing the Unsullied, an army of eunuch slave warriors.

Memorable moment: Ser Barristan Selmy saves Daenerys from being assassinated.

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63. "Sons of the Harpy" (S5E04)

In this Season 5 episode, the dull Sand Snakes are introduced, Tommen Baratheon meets with the High Sparrow and the Sons of the Harpy rise up.

Memorable moment: The Unsullied, led by Greyworm, and Ser Barristan Selmy fight the attacking Sons of the Harpy members.

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62. "The Night Lands" (S2E02)

Theon returns to his homeland, and Melisandre seduces Stannis Baratheon.

Memorable moment: Jon learns that Craster is sacrificing his newborn sons to the White Walkers in a somewhat meandering episode.

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61. "Kill the Boy" (S505)

Jorah and a captured Tyrion are attacked by stone men. Jon cements an alliance with the Wildlings.

Memorable moment: Jorah is infected with the greyscale disease.

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60. "Book of the Stranger" (S6E04)

In a rehash of the Season 1 finale, Daenerys emerges from the flames, naked and unscathed.

Memorable moment: After years apart, Jon and Sansa reunite at the Night's Watch.

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59. "High Sparrow" (S5E03)

Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish heartlessly convinces Sansa to marry Ramsay Bolton, whose father was responsible for the death of her brother and mother. Tyrion is kidnapped by Jorah.

Memorable moment: Jon Snow beheads Janos Slynt for insubordination.

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58. "Wars to Come" (S5E01)

In the Season 5 premiere, a flashback shows a young Cersei discovering her unfortunate prophecy.

Memorable moment: In a scene that's hard to watch, Jon mercifully shoots Mance Rayder as he's being burned to death.

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57. "Kingsroad" (S1E02)

Tyrion and Jon journey to the Wall, while a paralyzed Bran Stark wakes up from his coma.

Memorable moment: In a sign of things to come, Joffrey Baratheon exhibits his first act of evil by bullying Arya and her friend.

19 of 74 HBO

56. "First of His Name" (S4E05)

Tommen Baratheon is crowned king, and Jon (along with the Night's Watch) attack Craster's Keep.

Memorable moment: Bran wargs into Hodor, turning him into a brutal killing machine.

20 of 74 HBO

55. "Second Sons" (S3E08)

Tyrion and Sansa get married, and Samwell Tarly is attacked by a White Walker.

Memorable moment: With a White Walker charging Gilly, Samwell -- proving his fan-favorite status -- uses a dragonglass dagger to disintegrate the Walker.

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54. "The Red Woman" (S6E01)

Davos Seaworth and members of the Night's Watch protect the body of Jon, while Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne save a fleeing Sansa and Theon.

Memorable moment: Brienne of Tarth pledges her loyalty to Sansa, who's in need of some good news.

22 of 74 HBO

53. "Dark Wings, Dark Words" (S3E02)

On the road to King's Landing, Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are captured by Locke, a Roose Bolton bannerman. Joffrey flaunts his deadly crossbow.

Memorable moment: Brienne of Tarth proves she might be the best warrior in Westeros by defeating the Kingslayer in a swordfight.

23 of 74 HBO

52. "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" (S3E07)

Melisandre divulges to Gendry that his father is the late King Robert Baratheon, and Jaime saves Brienne of Tarth from a bear.

Memorable moment: Definitely not Ramsay torturing Theon. That's for sure.

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51. "The Queen's Justice" (S7E03)

In this action-packed episode, the Lannisters seize Highgarden, where Olenna Tyrell confesses to murdering Joffrey.

Memorable moment: Jon and Daenerys *FINALLY* meet.

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50. "The North Remembers" (S2E01)

In the Season 2 premiere, Tyrion takes over as Hand of the King, while Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre plan an invasion.

Memorable moment: Melisandre drinks what is obviously poison and is unaffected by it.

26 of 74 HBO

49. "Dragonstone" (S7E01)

After six epic seasons, Daenerys makes her long-awaited arrival in Westeros. And Euron Greyjoy enjoys quite the entrance in King's Landing.

Memorable moment: Arya finally gets sweet revenge on the Freys, and then hangs out with golden-voiced Ed Sheeran.

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48. "Oathkeeper" (S4E04)

Jaime Lannister continues his swordfighting training with Bronn, and he commands Brienne of Tarth to find and protect Sansa.

Memorable moment: In the Night King's debut episode, the leader of the White Walkers transforms a baby boy into a White Walker. And it's a terrifying sight.

28 of 74 HBO

47. "The Bells" (S8E05)

Daenerys Targaryen's heel turn into becoming the Mad Queen by destroying King's Landing was absolutely shocking, and the deaths of Cersei and Jamie Lannister felt very unsatisfying.

Memorable moment: The Clegane Bowl *finally* happened -- and it was glorious.

29 of 74 HBO

46. "Lord Snow" (S1E03)

This Season 1 episode introduces fan-favorite characters Littlefinger and Varys, while Jon and Tyrion bond beyond the Wall.

Memorable moment: Arya gets her first lesson in Syrio Forel's water dancing.

30 of 74 HBO

45. "Walk of Punishment" (S3E03)

In this Season 3 episode, Podrick Payne transforms from virgin squire to Sex God Pod. Also, Daenerys apparently trades a dragon for an army.

Memorable moment: Jaime gets his hand chopped off by Locke.

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44. "Garden of Bones" (S2E04)

King Joffrey continues to show how cruel he is by punishing Sansa for her brother Robb's victories.

Memorable moment: Melisandre gives birth to a shadow baby.

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43. "The Wolf and the Lion" (S1E05)

We get an early preview of the Clegane Bowl -- The Hound versus The Mountain -- at the Tourney of the Hand, while a captured Tyrion notches his first kill.

Memorable moment: The first great swordfight in Game of Thrones gives us a Ned and Jaime showdown for the ages.

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42. "Blood of My Blood" (S6E06)

Family be damned, Samwell steals House Tarly's Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane, from his father.

Memorable moment: Proving that she isn't "no one," Arya retrieves her trusty sword, Needle.

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41. "The Ghost of Harrenhal" (S2E05)

While Renly Baratheon and Catelyn Stark negotiate a treaty, he is murdered by a mysterious creature. Arya reunites with Jaqen H'ghar, who offers her a favor for saving him.

Memorable moment: The Red Woman's shadow baby shocks the world and assassinates Renly.

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40. "A Golden Crown" (S1E06)

Bronn volunteers to be Tyrion's champion in a trial by combat, strengthening their burgeoning bromance.

Memorable moment: A whiny and inebriated Viserys Targaryen gets his golden crown when Khal Drogo pours molten gold on his head.

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39. "The Old Gods and the New" (S2E06)

With Theon controlling Winterfell, Hodor helps Bran and Rickon Stark escape. Daenerys' dragons are stolen in Qarth.

Memorable moment: King Joffrey is humiliated when he's smacked in the face by a cowpie and then by Tyrion.

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38. "Mhysa" (S3E10)

Following the events of the Red Wedding, Roose Bolton is named Warden of North and Theon is captured by Ramsay.

Memorable moment: A crowd of freed slaves lifts Daenerys in the air as her dragons fly overhead.

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37. "Stormborn" (S7E02)

Melisandre encourages Daenerys to meet Jon, and Samwell saves Jorah from greyscale.

Memorable moment: In a treacherous action scene, Euron Greyjoy's Iron Fleet attacks the Greyjoys and Sand Snakes.

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36. "No One" (S6E08)

The Hound searches for the Brotherhood Without Banners, while Jaime tries to retake Riverrun.

Memorable moment: Arya kills the Waif and *finally* departs for Winterfell.

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35. "Winterfell" (S8E01)

While the Season 8 premiere doesn't feature any major deaths or earth-shattering revelations (for fans), it does finally bring Jon into the loop with regards to his family history and put a lot of pieces in motion for the final season. The episode also treats audiences to some long-awaited reunions, including the heartwarming one between Jon Snow and Arya Stark.

Memorable moment: Jon Snow riding a dragon named after his father before Samwell Tarly tells him who his true parents are.

41 of 74 HBO

34. "Valar Morghulis" (S2E10)

Following the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion has an extreme fall from power.

Memorable moment: A White Walker and an army of Wights march toward the Night's Watch, which is absolutely terrifying.

42 of 74 HBO

33. "The Iron Throne" (S8E6)

In the series finale of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow murdered Daenerys Targaryen as she was about to take the Iron Throne -- which Drogon melted down shortly after his mother died. In the end, Bran Stark took over as the King of the Six Kingdoms, and Sansa Stark became the Queen of the (Independent) North.

Memorable moment: As Dany is about to sit on the Iron Throne once and for all, Jon Snow stabs and kills the Mother of Dragons. And, in a heartbreaking moment, Drogon nudges her limp body before melting down the Iron Throne.

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32. "The Climb" (S3E06)

Jon, Ygritte and others climb the treacherous Wall.

Memorable moment: The silver-tongued Littlefinger sums up Game of Thrones with one essential quote: "Chaos is a ladder."

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31. "The Last of the Starks" (S8E04)

The Mother of Dragons doesn't get to enjoy the victory over the Night King and the army of dead for very long. Cersei's forces delivered devastating blows to Daenerys, killing Rhaegal and Missandei.

Memorable moment: In her final words, Missandei says "Dracarys!" -- a message to Daenerys to burn King's Landing to ashes.

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30. "Oathbreaker" (S6E03)

A freshly resurrected Jon oversees the hanging of the Night's Watch men who betrayed and killed him. Take that, Olly!

Memorable moment: In a vision that hints at a BIG secret, Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven see a young Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy.

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29. "What Is Dead May Never Die" (S2E03)

Tyrion uses his cunning to discover the mole in the Small Council, and the badass herself, Brienne of Tarth, makes her first appearance.

Memorable moment: During a battle with Lannister bannermen, Arya frees Jaqen H'ghar.

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28. "Mockingbird" (S4E07)

Oberyn Martell is named Tyrion's champion for the trial by combat, while Arya and the Hound are attacked on their journey east.

Memorable moment: Littlefinger pushes Lysa Arryn through the Moon Door.

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27. "The Pointy End" (S1E08)

After capturing Ned Stark, the Lannisters search for the Stark family.

Memorable moment: With Arya in trouble, Syrio Forel's water-dancing fighting style is on full display when he's attacked by Lannister soldiers.

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26. "The Dance of Dragons" (S5E09)

In one of the darkest moments of the series, Stannis allows Melisandre to sacrifice his daughter. And Arya defies her assassin's code to kill Meryn Trant.

Memorable moment: Drogon gloriously returns to save Daenerys from a rebellion in Meereen.

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25. "The Laws of Gods and Men" (S4E06)

At his trial for the murder of Joffrey, Tyrion demands a trial by combat.

Memorable moment: Tyrion turns on the people of King's Landing, and it is delightful.

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24. "The Dragon and the Wolf" (S7E07)

The 81-minute Season 7 finale features the long-awaited death of Littlefinger, the split of Jaime and Cersei, the breach of the Wall and the full reveal of Jon Snow's parentage.

Memorable moment: Take your pick: wight Viserion destroying the Wall, Littlefinger's death or Jon and Dany getting it on.

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23. "Two Swords" (S4E01)

Jon is questioned about his ties with the Wildlings, while the Martells arrive in King's Landing.

Memorable moment: The Hound demolishes a group of Lannister soldiers over some food.

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22. "And Now His Watch Is Ended" (S3E04)

Joffrey takes Margaery Tyrell to the Great Sept of Baelor, and the Night's Watch turn on each other.

Memorable moment: Daenerys takes control of the Unsullied army and commands her dragons to burn the masters.

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21. "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" (S1E04)

Ned investigates the mysterious death of his predecessor and Jon befriends Samwell.

Memorable moment: Catelyn rallies her allies to arrest Tyrion, who she mistakenly believes tried to murder her son.

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20. "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" (S8E02)

In the calm before the storm that will be the Battle of Winterfell, Jaime Lannister joins forces with the army of the living and strengthens his bond with Brienne of Tarth. Also, Jon finally tells Daenerys that he's Aegon Targaryen: the rightful heir to the throne.

Memorable Moment: Jaime knighting Brienne, with Arya losing her virginity to Gendry a close second.

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19. "Home" (S6E02)

Roose Bolton is betrayed by his bastard son Ramsay, and Melisandre attempts to resurrect a dead Jon Snow.

Memorable moment: JON COMES BACK TO LIFE!

57 of 74 HBO

18. "You Win or You Die" (S1E07)

After Ned idiotically reveals to Cersei that he knows Joffrey isn't Robert Baratheon's son, the King is gravely injured while hunting.

Memorable moment: In a move that should shock no one, Cersei refuses to honor King Robert's will and Ned is subsequently arrested.

58 of 74 HBO

17. "The Children" (S4E10)

The Season 4 finale focuses on Bran's long-awaited arrival at Heart Tree and Jaime helping Tyrion escape.

Memorable moment: A freshly freed Tyrion finally hits his breaking point and kills his former lover, Shae, and his father, Tywin.

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16. "Winter is Coming" (S1E01)

In the first episode in the series, Ned accepts Robert Baratheon's offer to become the King's Hand.

Memorable moment: Bran is pushed out of a window by Jaime.

60 of 74 HBO

15. "The Watchers on the Wall" (S4E09)

Jon must protect the Wall from an oncoming Wildling attack.

Memorable moment: Ygritte's tragic death at the hands of a punk kid named Olly.

61 of 74 HBO

14. "Fire and Blood" (S1E10)

In the freshman season's finale, Robb is named King in the North, Arya hides as a Night's Watch recruit and Bran starts to discover his powers.


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13. "Mother's Mercy" (S5E10)

Cersei confesses to her sins, while Jon is betrayed by members of the Night's Watch.

Memorable moment: Septa Unella repeating the word "shame" over and over while Cersei walks naked from the Great Sept to the Red Keep, or the final image of Jon Snow dying after being repeatedly stabbed.

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12. "The Spoils of War" (S7E04)

Daenerys, her dragon Drogon and the Dothraki attack the Lannister army on their way to King's Landing.

Memorable moment: Drogon scorches everyone -- and everything -- in sight during the Loot Train Attack.

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11. "Kissed by Fire" (S3E05)

The Hound battles Beric Dondarrion in a trial by combat, while Robb tries to repair his frayed alliance with the Freys.

Memorable moment: Jaime waxes poetic about the Mad King's obsession with wildfire and his decision to kill the man he was supposed to protect.

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10. "The Mountain and the Viper" (S4E08)

Oberyn Martell, in a trial by combat for Tyrion, battles the Mountain.

Memorable moment: In an epic battle, the Mountain crushes Martell's skull with his bare hands.

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9. "The Lion and the Rose" (S4E02)

King Joffrey is poisoned at his wedding.

Memorable moment: Joffrey slowly chokes to death as Cersei immediately blames Tyrion for her son's death.

67 of 74 HBO

8. "Baelor" (S1E09)

The penultimate entry of the first season is one of the more jaw-dropping episodes of television because of the shocking beheading of Ned.

Memorable moment: Ned's head gets sliced off by Ser Ilyn Payne.

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7. "The Door" (S6E05)

After the Night King touches Bran in a vision, Hodor -- in a heartbreaking turn of events -- sacrifices himself to save Bran and Myra from the White Walkers.

Memorable moment: "Hold the door."

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6. "The Long Night" (S8E03)

Game of Thrones episodes don't get much better than this. The third episode in the final season includes the longest battle sequence ever recorded, epic in-air dragon battles, and the rise of Arya: Kingslayer.

Memorable moment: Arya's stealth slaying of the Night King, which won the Great War for the living.

70 of 74 HBO

5. "Blackwater" (S2E09)

The first Game of Thrones episode to stay in one location focuses on the legendary Battle of Blackwater.

Memorable moment: Tyrion outsmarts Stannis by using wildfire to decimate the attacking fleet of ships.

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4. "Battle of the Bastards" (S6E09)

Jon and Ramsay battle for control over Winterfell.

Memorable moment: With Bolton's army closing in on Jon, Sansa and Littlefinger appear with the Knights of the Vale to save the day.

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3. "The Winds of Winter" (S6E10)

In the Season 6 finale, Cersei blows up her foes and crowns herself queen, her son dies by suicide, Jon becomes King in the North and Daenerys finally heads west to Westeros. That's all.

Memorable moment: The episode's opening sequence portrays Cersei's plan to exact revenge on her enemies by blowing up the Great Sept.

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2. "The Rains of Castamere" (S3E09)

The episode that shocked the world -- better known as "The Red Wedding" -- focuses on Robb and his men, who are massacred at Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey's wedding.

Memorable moment: The "Red Wedding," of course.

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1. "Hardhome" (S5E08)

Jon, Tormund Giantsbane and the Night's Watch travel to a Wildling village before the White Walkers attack.

Memorable moment: The Night King -- becoming a meme in front of our eyes -- raises his arms and resurrects the fallen Wildlings and men of the Night's Watch as he stares down a fleeing Jon.