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10 Black Mirror Halloween Costume Ideas

Here's how you can dress up as your favorite dystopian character this season

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Black Mirror Halloween Costume Ideas

Black Mirror fans might not be able to pick up any show-themed costumes right off the ordinary rack, but that doesn't mean enthusiasts of Charlie Brooker's sci-fi anthology series are out of luck this Halloween. With a little cleverness and some do-it-yourself spirit, fans can actually assemble a number of those iconic Black Mirror looks, so click through for a few helpful hints about how to make it happen! Note: TV guide may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products and services featured in this gallery.

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Becoming Bryce Dallas Howard's social ranking-obsessed character Lacy from Season 3's first episode, "Nosedive," is a cinch. Chances are, you've already got a device or two laying around to keep your eyes glued on all party long, so all you need to achieve the look is: some copper-red hair spray, a pale pink teacup dress (note: get one that's inexpensive enough to tatter a bit without too much guilt), and some non-waterproof mascara. Feel free to cake on a little dirt to your arms and oil to your tresses, and voila! The more tragic looking you are in the end, the better.

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"Fifteen Million Merits"

Embodying the poor saps who cycle all the livelong day in Season 1's "Fifteen Million Merits" is also pretty simple: all you need is a grey jumpsuit and a granny smith apple, and you're set. To really drive the point home, print out the hot shot logo and pin it on your outfit and show up to your shindig on a bicycle.

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"USS Callister"

For those with some moderate skills at the sewing machine, resembling the crew of the "USS Callister" from the Season 4 opener is also very doable. You'll just need a few yards of textured fabric -- scaly red, mustard yellow, or sky blue, depending on which character(s) you want to embody -- a pair of boots that can be fashioned to match, and the blueprints for the key pieces (a form-fitting frock with added cutouts for women, or a jacket for men, e.g.). This idea works especially well for group getups, so long as someone's brave enough to sport the bright blue face paint and red-orange wig to become Tulaska, too.

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"White Christmas"

If you want to really freak people out with your Black Mirror fan costume choice, you could also become one of the blocked figures from Season 2's "White Christmas" special by dabbing a blank spandex bodysuit with some grey paint shades to achieve a shadowy silhouette.

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"San Junipero"

Heaven is a place on Earth, especially if you are able to pull off a couples' costume to replicate the girls from Season 3's "San Junipero." You could try scouring your local thrift store for some sweet '90s gear and compliment that with an ultra-sprayed hairdo, but to be more precise, be sure to snag a sequined purple jacket for whoever's playing the Gugu Mbatha-Raw character, along with a blue-and-white striped blouse with nerdy round glasses for Mackenzie Davis'.

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"The Waldo Moment"

Even if you're not that artistically inclined, making a Waldo mask should be simple enough for anyone to accomplish. All you'd need is a blank face mask, some pool blue paint, and a lot of sharp political quips to make it work.

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Pet lovers rejoice! Your fur babies can also participate. With some metallic silver spray paint, you can color in a few pieces of cardboard and then -- after it's fully dried, of course -- use regular duct tape to fashion them into a boxy bodice to fit your pooch and bring to life Season 4's terrifying dogs from "Metalhead." Meanwhile, strut your pet around while you're sporting a furry parka, a backpack and a white (or to be truly technical about it, yellow) teddy bear to complete what is sure to be the most low-key terrifying costume creation of the evening.

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"The Entire History of You"

If you don't mind being subtle (and, let's face it, a little creepy) about your Black Mirror costume homage, then bringing to life the characters in Season 1's "The Entire History of You" is also an easy enough option. Just invest in some milky gray contact lenses and tote around a little button in hand while staring off into the distance. Some of your pals might get confused, but if you can also spout off a few distinct details about your interactions past, the resemblance will be quite uncanny.

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"White Bear"

If you're low on time or energy, perhaps the simplest Black Mirror-themed costume of all is a shirt with the show's signature brand logo underneath a grey hooded sweatshirt, and a messy mane to resemble the notorious Victoria Skillane from Season 2's "White Bear." Chances are, people will take pictures of you with their phones, which should make it pretty easy to stay in character all night long, too. What a world.