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WKRP in Cincinnati Season 4 Episodes

Season 4 Episode Guide

23 Episodes 1981 - 1982

Episode 1

An Explosive Affair

Wed, Oct 7, 1981 30 mins

First of two parts. The station receives a bomb threat. Gordon Jump, Loni Anderson, Gary Sandy, Tim Reid, Howard Hesseman.

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Episode 2

An Explosive Affair

Wed, Oct 14, 1981 30 mins

Conclusion. Because of the terrorist bomb threat Johnny and Venus cannot communicate with the other staffers. Howard Hesseman, Tim Reid, Gordon Jump. Joyce: Rosemary Forsyth.

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Episode 3

The Union

Wed, Oct 21, 1981 30 mins

When the staff threatens to unionize, Momma Carlson threatens to sell the station. Gordon Jump, Howard Hesseman.

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Episode 4


Wed, Oct 28, 1981 30 mins

Andy makes personnel changes and Bailey invites Johnny to stay at her apartment. Gary Sandy, Jan Smithers, Howard Hesseman.

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Episode 5

Straight from the Heart

Wed, Nov 4, 1981 30 mins

Herb tells everyone that he's taking a vacation, then checks into a hospital for heart tests. Frank Bonner, Richard Sanders, Loni Anderson.

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Episode 6

Who's on First?

Wed, Nov 11, 1981 30 mins

Johnny hides his identity from a thug trying to collect a debt. Howard Hesseman. Pat Perillo: Dennis Lipscomb.

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Episode 7

Three Days of the Condo

Wed, Nov 18, 1981 30 mins

Venus persuades Johnny to buy a luxury condominium. Tim Reid, Howard Hesseman. Ms. Archer: Constance Pfeiffer. Wainwright: Weldon Boyce Bleiler. Nadyne: Maryann Furman.

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Episode 8

Jennifer and the Will

Wed, Dec 2, 1981 30 mins

Jennifer's gentleman friend dies suddenly, leaving her executrix of his will. Loni Anderson. Kennington: John Terry Bell. Chester: Brian Wood. Cloris: Janet Clark.

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Episode 9

The Consultant

Wed, Dec 30, 1981 30 mins

The consultant Momma Carlson hires to evaluate the station turns out to be an old friend of Andy's. Carol Bruce, Gary Sandy. Norris Breeze: David Clennon.

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Episode 10

Love, Exciting and New

Wed, Jan 6, 1982 30 mins

Andy courts Mama Carlson to get a new transmitter for the station, unaware that she's reading him loud and clear. Gordon Jump, Richard Sanders.

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Episode 11

You Can't Go Out of Town Again

Wed, Jan 13, 1982 30 mins

Carlson's fond memories of college are crushed at a reunion when he learns that his wife and her sorority sisters had considered him a "dip." Gordon Jump, Allyn Ann McLerie. Fluff: Joy Claussen.

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Episode 12


Wed, Jan 20, 1982 30 mins

Herb sells radio spots to a promoter offering potentially dangerous diet pills. Dave Wickerman: Robert Ridgely.

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Episode 13


Wed, Jan 27, 1982 30 mins

Identity crises hit when Venus is interviewed by a black militant and Herb goes all out for a client. Tim Reid, Frank Bonner. Rick Jesperson: Tom Dreesen.

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Episode 14

Jennifer and Johnny's Charity

Wed, Feb 3, 1982 30 mins

Derelicts rub elbows with socialites at Jennifer's party to raise funds for a fire-damaged home for the poor. Loni Anderson. The Randalls: Richard Derr, Lynn Wood.

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Episode 15

I'll Take Romance

Wed, Feb 17, 1982 30 mins

Herb fixes up Les with a computer date. Lorrayne: Livia Genise. Jennifer: Loni Anderson.

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Episode 16

Circumstantial Evidence

Wed, Feb 24, 1982 30 mins

Venus lands in jail on a burglary charge after a girlfriend gives him a diamond earring. Jessica Langtree: Daphne Maxwell. Prosecutor: Robert Hooks.

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Episode 17


Wed, Mar 17, 1982 30 mins

Jennifer and Herb are trapped by fire in an elevator, and friends try to rescue them---from the wrong floor. Loni Anderson.

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Episode 18

Dear Liar

Wed, Mar 24, 1982 30 mins

The station's integrity is compromised when Les airs a phony story. Les: Richard Sanders. Edna Parkins: Barbara Cason. Bailey: Jan Smithers.

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Episode 19

The Creation of Venus

Wed, Mar 31, 1982 30 mins

Andy recalls how he hired Venus as the nighttime disc jockey. Momma Carlson: Carol Bruce. Venus: Tim Reid.

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Episode 20

The Impossible Dream

Wed, Apr 7, 1982 30 mins

Les heads for the Big Apple to fulfill his lifelong desire to become a television journalist. Gary Sandy, Loni Anderson. Tiffany: Carol Carrington. Adele: Eleanor McCoy. Carlson: Gordon Jump.

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Episode 21

To Err Is Human

Wed, Apr 14, 1982 30 mins

Herb's job is in jeopardy when he bungles posters for a advertiser (Tom Sullivan). Frank Bonner, Tim Reid. Mrs. Beeler: Sue Ann Gilfillan. Jennifer: Loni Anderson.

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Episode 22

Up and Down the Dial

Wed, Apr 21, 1982 30 mins

Momma Carlson plans to change the station's format. Gary Sandy, Howard Hesseman. Charles Von Sanker: Nicholas Hormann. Hirsch: Ian Wolfe.

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Episode 26

Johnny Comes Back

Mon, Apr 29, 2019 30 mins

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