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Wild Wild East

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Ol Pejeta Diaries

3 Seasons
Documentary on the inner workings of a Kenyan game reserve.
2013 TVPG Documentary, Other

Wild Birds of Australia

1 Season
Australia is a vast island-continent of diverse habitats--including beaches, deserts, grasslands, and tropical forests--that make it a haven for many unusual and rare bird species. From its largest bird of prey, the wedge-tailed eagle, to the emu, an implausible flightless wonder, take an aerial odyssey through the lives of some of Australia's amazing avian ambassadors.
2016 Documentary, Other

Arctic Secrets

1 Season
Embark on a journey into the world's most unforgiving arctic zones, where land and ice are inseparably joined. Swim through the mammoth Mackenzie Delta, or explore the great tundra of Nunavik. These hostile regions yield little for the hardy wildlife and local Inuit tribes that wait patiently for an all-too-brief summer.
2016 TVG Documentary, Other

Malawi Wildlife Rescue

2 Seasons
Amanda races to save an elephant calf tangled in a poacher's wire snare. Back at the rescue center, Alma tries to get a baby baboon to bond with a foster baboon mother.
2019 TVG Documentary, Other

Extreme Africa

1 Season
Africa's diverse terrain is as awesome as it is deadly. With scalding volcanic fields, scorched-earth deserts, and violent waterways, discover what lives in some of the world's most inhospitable places and see how these species have adapted to thrive where others would perish.
2016 TVPG Documentary, Other

Wild Castles

1 Season
From the exquisite brown bears and aquatic salamanders of Predjama Castle, to the Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired the fictional fortresses of some of Disney's most iconic princesses, explore the curious history of these imposing European structures and the creatures that now call them home.
2017 TVPG Documentary, Other

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