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Who's the Boss? Season 2 Episodes

26 Episodes 1985 - 1986

Episode 1

It Happened One Summer

Tue, Sep 24, 1985 30 mins

Angela retrieves a homesick Jonathan from camp and recalls her first "adult" kiss with a boy from the same camp where Tony spent his summers. Part 1 of two. Tony Danza. Wormser: Richard Sanders. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro. Mona: Katherine Helmond.

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Episode 2

It Happened One Summer

Tue, Oct 1, 1985 30 mins

Conclusion. Tony and Angela are stuck in the only available motel room, while Mona and the campers plot a prank on Wormser (Richard Sanders). Tony Danza, Judith Light, Katherine Helmond. Samantha: Alyssa Milano. Manager: Vincent Schiavelli.

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Episode 3

Ad Man Micelli

Tue, Oct 8, 1985 30 mins

Samantha's afraid the rich girls at school won't like her, so she tells them that Tony is the president of an ad agency. Alyssa Milano, Tony Danza. Marci: Nicole Eggert. Robin: Tonya Crowe. Julia: Angela Lee.

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Episode 4

The Heiress

Tue, Oct 15, 1985 30 mins

Mona inherits money from a man she doesn't remember until she sees his picture---and then she doesn't want it. Judith Light. Larry: Nicholas Hormann. Carole: Fran Drescher. Tony: Tony Danza.

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Episode 5

Tony the Matchmaker

Tue, Oct 29, 1985 30 mins

Angela decides that one date with Tony's nerdish friend is one too many, until Mona starts dating him. Judith Light, Katherine Helmond, Tony Danza. Samantha: Alyssa Milano. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro.

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Episode 6


Tue, Nov 5, 1985 30 mins

The Bowers and Micellis fly to Los Angeles for the wedding of Angela's ex-husband after he asks Jonathan to be his best man. Part 1 of two. Danny Pintauro, Judith Light. Michael: James Naughton. Heather: Suzanne Barnes.

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Episode 7


Tue, Nov 12, 1985 30 mins

Conclusion. Angela prepares for a custody fight with Michael; Tony and Mona try to convince the newlyweds that Jonathan would put a crimp in their lifestyle. Judith Light, Tony Danza, Katherine Helmond. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro.

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Episode 8

Hunk of the Month

Tue, Nov 19, 1985 30 mins

Angela expresses disgust when a woman asks out "hunk of the month" Tony, then eats her words when she agrees to date Mr. March. Judith Light. Cassandra: Leslie Bevis. Gus: Grant Aleksander. Tony: Tony Danza.

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Episode 9

Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini's

Tue, Nov 26, 1985 30 mins

At Mrs Rossini's Thanksgiving dinner, Angela is put off by Tony's treatment of a traditional woman.

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Episode 10

The Prodigal Father-in-Law

Tue, Dec 3, 1985 30 mins

Tony's father-in-law breaks out of prison to visit Samantha, who vowed never to speak to him again after learning of his imprisonment. Tony Danza, Judith Light. Torch: Blackie Dammett.

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Episode 11

The Graduate

Tue, Dec 10, 1985 30 mins

To prove a company is practicing age discrimination, Mona applies for a job, which she gets---because Angela pulled a few strings. Katherine Helmond. Hadley: Rick Lieberman. Emerson: John Hancock.

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Episode 12

Tony the Nanny

Tue, Dec 17, 1985 30 mins

Tony's cousin is sent to the States for an arranged marriage with a man she never met. Tony Danza, Judith Light. Uncle Aldo: Vito Scotti.

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Episode 13

Junior Executive

Tue, Jan 7, 1986 30 mins

Samantha's Saturday job as Angela's girl Friday cuts into her weekend fun, so her friends persuade her to get fired. Alyssa Milano, Judith Light. Pete Willis: Don Draper. Marci: Nicole Eggert.

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Episode 14

Educating Tony

Tue, Jan 14, 1986 30 mins

Tony takes an adult-education class that Angela's teaching and gets an F on his first assignment. Tony Danza, Judith Light, Katherine Helmond. Samantha: Alyssa Milano. Jonathan: Danny Pintauro.

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Episode 15

Gotta Dance

Tue, Jan 21, 1986 30 mins

Samantha devotes herself to ballet after her instructor says she has the makings of a prima ballerina.

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Episode 16

The Babysitter

Tue, Jan 28, 1986 30 mins

Samantha gets her first crack at babysitting Jonathan---and it may be her last.

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Episode 17

Jonathan Plays Cupid

Tue, Feb 11, 1986 30 mins

Jonathan arranges to have Tony and Angela meet on a romantic blind date, hoping they'll fall in love and get married.

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Episode 18

When Worlds Collide

Tue, Feb 18, 1986 30 mins

Tony's marathon poker game threatens to ruin Angela's brunch with her friend.

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Episode 19

Losers and Other Strangers

Tue, Feb 25, 1986 30 mins

Angela refuses to attend an awards party because she lost Best Commercial of the Year to a former employee.

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Episode 20

Tony for President

Tue, Mar 4, 1986 30 mins

Tony's opponent for PTA president accuses him of living in sin with Angela.

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Episode 21

Not with My Client, You Don't

Tue, Mar 18, 1986 30 mins

Without asking Tony first, Angela offers him as an escort to a potential client who represents a $10 million account.

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Episode 22

Angela's New Best Friend

Tue, Mar 25, 1986 30 mins

Angela's pushy neighbour tries to escape the painful memory of her husband running off with the maid.

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Episode 23

There's No Business like Shoe Business

Tue, Apr 1, 1986 30 mins

Counsellor Mona advises a factory worker to follow his dreams, so he leaves his family and heads for Hollywood.

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Episode 24

The Unnatural

Tue, Apr 8, 1986 30 mins

Tony and a competitive friend from his baseball days put together teams for a "friendly" softball game.

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Episode 25

The Anniversary Show

Tue, May 6, 1986 30 mins

Angela is caught off guard when a groggy Tony mutters "I love you" to her as he's going into surgery for an appendectomy.

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Episode 26

Charmed Lives

Tue, May 13, 1986 30 mins

Angela thinks she's hired the perfect model for a client---until the client sees a gorgeous blonde.

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